Galaxy S10: Official Introduction

10 years of mobile innovations has led to this – meet the #GalaxyS10PH, the next generation smartphone like no other.

Defy the limits of the screen and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with its Cinematic Infinity Display.

Capture the world the way you see and more with the Galaxy S10’s True Vision Camera that features pro-grade telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses.

With the Galaxy S10, you can share your power – charge other phones and wearables wirelessly, with plenty more power to last you the whole day.

The next generation Galaxy has arrived.

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48 Replies to “Galaxy S10: Official Introduction”

  1. NileshR12

    The last S flagship with the headphone jack. I mean I get Samsung wants people to get their wireless earbuds or headphones but them getting rid of the jack from the Note 10 onwards just seems greedy & hypocritical when they were criticizing a fruit company for doing the same thing 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄

  2. Майа Тормасова

    Никогда больше! Ненавижу самсунг!
    Раньше был телефон и он слушался. А тут, не захотел обновлять, чтооо? Надо 350раз напомнить каждый день! И везде эти рыжие точки а если я не хочу?! Эти ваши эмодзи кому они нужны и почему я не могу удалить их со своего телефона за 70 кусков?!!!! Камера хуже чем у техи за 13 тысяч!!! Обновили функционал без возможности отката!! А ЕСЛИ МНЕ НЕ НРАВИТЬСЯ!!!!!!!!!!! НИКОГДА БОЛЬШЕ НИКОГДА!!!!

  3. Mxq Pro

    Honestly I think Samsung ruined their phones after this beauty. Basically I mean that they made a block camera added a name ultra and +, I wish next gen phones are better this is the bestcphone which I ever buyed

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