Galaxy S10 Plus – 48 Hours Later!

Samsung Galaxy S10 first impressions 48 hours later! Full S10 review and camera comparisons coming soon!

Sony a6400 First Look! –

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37 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus – 48 Hours Later!”

  1. eliana

    this is a stupid question but i have a iPhone 6s, say if i wanted to get this phone, could i get my pictures transferred to this phone like i could if i did it to another iPhone?

  2. Ajabu Niyehu

    Hello I appreciate the review. But i was hoping maybe if you have the time to check out the app that has beaty mode like "BeautyPlus" etc just wanted to know if the blur is still there.

    I am planning to get an S10 but not sure which one is the plus or middle one. Its taking long cos here it cos 2million cash to get it. That's why i cry out to you. Thank you in advance.

  3. Dami Agunbiade

    A fantastic video. The other companies need to step up the game as Samsung is bringing the heat right now. I. Know the other companies are probably panicking a little. But I am sure they can bring something just as amazing.

  4. Hypn0tic K.O

    Love the phone cant get enough of it. Its definitely the best looking phone I've ever owned and I personally think that the Samsung skipped a generation with the s 10 plus. I probably won't get another phone for at least four years this time around. I usually wait 3 but this phone is amazing and since I feel like this phone skipped a generation I will probably wait a generation more than usual to get another.

  5. It's lighting

    Don't ever pre order there will be deals weeks or a couple months after the phone launches… Ps it would be better to just take that stupid selfie cam away and have a display on back and use the rear camera to take way better selfies if your into that and have a full edge to edge screen display,… The hole punch kills it for me…

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