Galaxy S10 Plus' best new camera features

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus sport three rear cameras with AI smarts to help you get the best shot. Andy Hoyle gets his hands on Samsung’s new flagship and goes through the best new features.

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24 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus' best new camera features”

  1. Crow Migration

    I got this a week ago, took amazing photos and videos while on vacation. But for some reason, I just now noticed the three small sensors to the right of the back flash. What are they used for?

  2. Michael Razz

    If you put your finger over the 3rd camera (farthest from the flash) and you switch to the cameras it doesn't switch to it.. why? Anyone know why? Or how to use the 3rd camera?

  3. adrain quan

    Dual selfie camera htc u12plus first… Reverse charging mate20 pro…. Fingerprint touch screen one plus vivo.. Samsung actually come in late…. Note 9 should have been to have all these features… Instead of s10…

  4. peter williams

    Samsung has a lot of unfinished technologies in their smartphones and most of the specs they claim to have, they don’t have it. Must of their unfinished technologies don’t work properly, just like iris scanner and many others. Samsung could perfect the iris scanner, they dumped it and Apple came and perfect it with Face ID. Samsung is a a phone with specs on papers but in reality, they don’t work.

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