Galaxy S10 Plus in 2020 – still worth it? (TOP REASONS WHY)

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In this video, I am here to share all my thoughts and opinion on whether you should you should get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in 2020. This phone was the first punch-hole display Samsung has ever made. Can this powerful beast still holds up in today’s standard? Find out in this video with my TOP REASONS WHY the S10 Plus is still worth it in 2020.

** Here’s a video on the step by step guide of my Home Screen Setup

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35 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus in 2020 – still worth it? (TOP REASONS WHY)”

  1. Andy K.

    Thanks for the review. I'm seriously thinking whether I buy this phone in black friday sales or not. I assume S20 models have better camera and smoother display (120 hz), but the price of this phone should be tempting at the end of the month. Probably gonna buy it.

  2. Tonio Stark

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy A71, because of the price drop is it good to upgrade to an S10 plus? My primary requirements are camera and battery. Many reviews say A71 is still a good camera phone.

  3. H S

    I sold my note 8 and bought a new s10 plus for a very good price. Came and watched your video. Really like it. Can u tell me which launcher and icon pack u r using, besides how did u make that notification window transparent?

  4. Ahmed Tony

    Hi remy, I watched ur video and I like it, I also want to support you by sharing your video here in Egypt.
    Tell me how many share and I got just that s10+ phone as a giveaway from you πŸ’?

  5. Ericson Del Rosario

    Still using my S10 Plus since I pre ordered it Feb last year. Prism Green is so good. Battery is still the same since I unboxed it. 7-9 screen on time as always. No need to upgrade for a new phone. πŸ™‚

    I've noticed you're from PH because you're a Globe user. Good content! 😁

  6. David Martrano

    I usually upgrade every year but not this time. My S10+ after 16mos of heavy use has been a performance champion. It's still blazing fast, even at 60hz the display is still one of the best. The πŸ“· & πŸ”‹ are excellent. Now with the reduced prices I still highly recommend this phone!

  7. Jackson Smith

    I'm watching this, not because I'm thinking of getting the S10 Plus, but because I have it and I'm trying so hard to convince myself that I don't need a new phone lol. So, I watch videos like this to remind myself that I don't need a new phone because mine is still perfectly good πŸ™‚

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