Galaxy S10 Plus Review: The biggest and the best

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So the Galaxy S10+ isn’t a totally massive upgrade from the previous generation, however, the changes made, while not all great, have made this not only my new favorite phone, but the best Android phone you can get right now. It sets the bar for 2019 flagships. It checks the most boxes as of now from great hardware, amazing screen, tons of features, great battery life, great performance, really good cameras, and more! Not many things hold this phone back. Perhaps for some, the price, the fingerprint reader, the software skin, and even the cameras may all be a turn off. But pound for pound, this phone is a winner. And yes, you should get one.

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44 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus Review: The biggest and the best”

  1. Syenie Jayme

    i dropped mine..the screen didnt even get a scatch but the LCD was broken…yes it was a great fone but its a no when it comes to durability…its very fragile…

  2. Full-Time Mama

    Does this phone still have the samsung fitness app cause I love that app I have the note 9 and I'm wanting to get the s10 plus but only if the have the fitness coach app

  3. John Ekiert

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out, but I love the higher placement of the power buttom… here's why

    Im a victim of 5 year DUI. I walk a lot. When I hold all my old samsungs I always hit the power button when holding the phone in my hand. And that turns off YouTube. And that my friends is annoying..

    So i like being able to hold this S10+ and have room to grip it. 💯

  4. M'lia K

    This phone is BS!!! You Don't have an option for visual voicemail. My Dad passed away on Mother's day. I called my phone provider because I wanted to make sure that his last VM wouldn't be deleted once I saved it. I was assured once it was saved, I would not lose it. WELL that's not the case this phone updates and you will lose messages & or data! Thanks Samsung! Buyer beware!!! I have lost my Father's voice forever. I will NEVER buy one of your phones again!!!

  5. Lincoln

    I have the iPhone X right now. Thinking of getting a new phone. Should I get this one , or stay with Apple and get the iPhone 11 ?

  6. Chasen 161

    Getting a refurbished s10+ off amazon for a solid 500 after tax. Update may come in a weel or two, the thing i think about os the power button being higher up but maybe that's just for small handed people, ill see how it effects me soon

  7. Jean Ly

    Excellent review!! It helped me choose to buy it lol
    I was wondering what weather widget you're using on your phone. It doesn't look like the ones that comes stock with the device.

  8. yung mouss

    i had s10 plus and switched to iphone 11 but i just couldn’t get used to apple and now i’m back to s10 plus again.I can’t see enough improvement to get the s20

  9. Jesse Foulk

    I agree. I have the regular S10 and the power button I way up high. There are multiple times when I pick up the phone with one hand and my thumb goes on the power button AND the volume down button to turn out on. And we all know what happens: SCREENSHOT. I have a gallery full of main screens.

  10. Tanja Momo

    I dropped my s9plus and went to the store March 6th with all Intensions off getting the S20plus but OMG I refuse to pay that much for a phone!!! So I bought a S10 plus 1TB storage for the same price as the ones with less storage. I am super happy with the S10plus. The guy at the store told my hubby that I would never run out of storage with 1TB but my hubby told him if anyone can do it, it will be my wife🤣

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