Galaxy S10 Plus | Still the Best Phone of 2019?

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e were released 2 months ago. I have an S10+. Do I still like it?
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38 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus | Still the Best Phone of 2019?”

  1. Sue French

    Your review was great, easy to understand for the average user who doesn’t want to listen to too much talking. You got it just right and now I’m really glad I bought an S10 plus last night. Can’t wait til it arrives ??

  2. Brett149

    Great video, thank you. It would be nice to see the S10 battery life and charge speed compared to some of the Chinese brands though as I believe they give it a run for its money.

  3. Xx_Gabriel_xX

    Get the Gcam on the s10 plus , the software of the google camera app is better than samsungs default camera , why do you think the new pixel has the best camera on smart phones? The s10 already has the hardware but it always good to get a software improvement

  4. Michael Esposito

    I made the leap to the S10 plus after 8 years of using an iPhone. At 1st I was very uncomfortable but after the discomfort went away I truly feel like this is a much better phone.

  5. Ariozo

    Very solid device, did use my 1tb s10+ as My daily device..but after a few days with my OnePlus 7 Pro I must say it's my new daily device. Display that they say Samsung made is very good and the 90hz is just to good to skip on..
    And funny after some days on 7Pro and it's half the price of My s10+, i should say for sure not worth the money. But like you say, Samsung did a very solid job on the s10+ this year..still not a fan of their fingerprint scanner tho..?

  6. Bojan Glamocak

    BTW. it's far away from being the best display out there… it has a horrible Delta-E Value at about 7.59, which is… honestly speaking… and for that price it's horrific how people can describe this one as a "GREAT" display… it's not even close to be midrange.

  7. Bojan Glamocak

    Not even close to the Xperia 1 but yeah, samsung pays alot of youtubers 😀 thats the reason why you think it's better… you are paying extra money for "their" opinion 😀

  8. Jacob Baird

    Coming from pixel 2xl. It's a very okay phone. You'll need to reboot it daily to fix tiny bugs. Turn it off and back on when you wake up. Other than that it's great.

  9. Tay Gayle

    Who is responsible for the voice texting and Bixby, I can tell you one thing I didn't have to repeat my self as much to spell a word, lawd have mercy man it's not good at picking up Pronunciation as Previous Galaxy phones, who can I talk to and abt tht pls point me in the right direction

  10. Porcelain Army

    I think the screen is great for watching videos with enhanced mode but, for everything else….. It looks like crap!
    Whites are yellow and it's the dullest amoled I've ever had.
    Why Samsung can't let you chose higher brightness is beyond me?
    They've been forcing auto dimming since S6 edge.
    I hate the shitty warm colours Samsung have gone for lately too.

  11. Michael Ivanov

    I'm using the regular S10 so far and I like it a lot. The hole punch doesn't bother me too much I just hoped for the screen to be a 4k or at least a UHD Dispaly instead of 1440p but that's basically my only concern with this phone. Although the latest 1+ looks terrific as well with the nice 90Hz display

  12. stevae wei

    It's always hilarious listening to a CRapple person try to review an Android phone… And for the record, I absolutely love my S10+ ceramic white. It's unbelievable what all it can do.

  13. branded

    no regrets jump ship from Huawei to Samsung. Samsung software n UI are better . o yes Samsung pay very practical for my daily applications.

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