Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plis Detailed Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style
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Comparing the selfie cameras, the 4K triple rear cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Apple iPhone XS Max for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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36 Replies to “Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Alexander Duarte

    Samsung has so many issues with the front facing camera when it comes to selfies. Every YouTube review shows the selfie camera taking pictures that look so unnatural and blurred out. My note 8's back cam is good but the front facing cam has always been blurry. Same with my S8+ and S7.

  2. Tri

    Galaxy user but iPhone pics looked way better however with iPhone I am forced to used cloud to save, iTunes or Mac to save pics. You can simply pop a memory card and boom! You can start saving more

  3. Natasha Gyamfi

    Gosh… I am now going to switch to Samsung after being an IPhone user for about 5 years.. IPhone doesn’t stand a chance against how steady and balanced Samsung’s videos are. Can’t wait ?

  4. Jose Adorno

    Ok so, no offense to Apple users, but the S10+ is fucking amazing, the image stabilization was amazing on the s10+, i didn't even notice he was running, where on the IPhone Xs Max you could clearly notice it, the front camera well i have to give it to the iPhone, but the rear camera is a definitive win to the S10+, audio was amazing on the s10+ and night shot is horrible on the XS Max, what a trash phone, can't believe people waste 1,300$ on such a bad phone.

  5. Christian hili hili

    The rear camera and stabilization on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is way better than the iPhone, but the front camera is better on iPhone X Max

    Edit: Also the sound is much better on S10+

  6. Ainz Lee

    I love Samsung but I can’t defend it when it comes down to app developers ? iPhones version of Snapchat and instagram is better but Samsung’s cameras were always elite compared to the competing iPhone of that gen. No matter how good the camera on the s10 Sc and ig videos will always come out choppy unless u use the actual camera app then post it to your social media’s but shit I don’t wanna go thru all that hassle? Samsung needs to get their own team of developers that only work on apps for Samsung only just like iPhone who developed apps only for iPhones. Android developers are lazy

  7. Hey ItsMelanieee

    My opinion the s10 Definitely has my win Would I get this hell yeah right now I have the s9 but I was thinking of getting the s10 thanks to your video iam so getting it!!!!!

    It's funny how the s10 is winning in the comments am I the only one who noticed???

  8. soft pillow

    greetings from korea. thanks for the video. I've been using iphone for almost 8 years but galaxy S10 won me over and what! i'm getting a galaxy S10 this week!
    fed up with nothing special from iphones.. sorry, iphoners lol!
    i used to talk shit about galaxy as an iphoner but not anymore XD. I've operated my friend's S10 for my test in the last few weeks. the cameras, speed, functions, customization and some other features got me. anyway, iphone is still good though, for its optimization of iOS and I think iphone's camera is still a bit better for portrait. so…… bye iphone =)

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