Galaxy S10+ vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 5 Reasons to Go With Samsung!

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33 Replies to “Galaxy S10+ vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro: 5 Reasons to Go With Samsung!”

  1. blacktoothgrin

    So true! Huawei's EMUI is the only thing that puts me off in otherwise very impressive line up of good phones. Plus I'm in Europe so no crazy delusions here.OS Oxygen on OnePlus is much better.

  2. Michele Platts

    I’ve owned both and stayed with the Huawei Mate 20 pro because it felt better in the hand and I preferred the camera. I paid £432 for a new one – no brainer really!

  3. Firdaus Rashid

    if you really want a fair fight between this 2 companies , u can compare with its series:

    -huawei Pseries vs samsung Sseries for early year
    -samsung note series vs huawei mate series at the end of that year

    this is a fair fight I think.

    if you compare 2018 vs 2019 phone, sure u can see 2019 phone better, because today phone's technology growing very fast just a years.

  4. Izat Emir

    i prefer with mate20.. a new design compare with mate10.. s10 like old school.., its look like s9 + note 9 years ago, only bigger screen, punch hole camera and finggerprint scanner on screen.

  5. wap

    Just given my mate 20 pro to my wife and iv got the s10 plus both great phones and at long last she's not an apple fan girl any more lol

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