Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS — From the Android Expert!

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Pop quiz hot takers: You gotta put Samsung’s new 2019 Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus head-to-head, phono-a-phono with Apple’s 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but Samsung didn’t give you any early access to the hardware. So what do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

You call in the pros who have the phones, that’s what. And for this Galaxy, that’s Daniel Bader, managing editor of Android Central.


Galaxy S10 Hands On:

Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS:

Daniel Bader:



42 Replies to “Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS — From the Android Expert!”

  1. kxvinruiz

    Apple is not better than Android, it is better than at least 80% of all android phones, I don’t know about the others, but of course, as an IPhone user I can tell you, I’ve never experienced a single bug, and I’ve used android before and it’s completely different. iPhone is expensive as fuck, but to me, it’s worth it, plus people buy it because of the brand not because of the stats that nobody cares about, so what, it’s a clean phone, it’s worth it, never seen lag, never seen apps open in 20 seconds(cough cough, Snapchat had to make an android version of their app because it was slow on those devices)

  2. brendan mccarthy

    I changed the Bixby button to double press and hasn't been a problem. Also it does work with my voice and I allowed it to open my phone with my voice only and it works just as well as siri.

  3. Graviti

    I have an iPhone but I used to have an s9 but what I heard that the expert said about iPhone being faster: yes, iPhone is faster BUT only by about 1/100 of a second faster and this speed isn’t really worth it if you don’t have the functionality that the s9 had: multitasking, split screen, sidebar apps and so much more things that the s9 had to offer as opposed to iPhone just having nicer animations which is not as or not at all useful like the s9 was and I find myself saying sometimes ‘I could of done this if I hadn’t switched my phone’

  4. Tamir Orbach

    Nice to see an unbiased video from you. To be fair, I haven't watched your content for a while because I felt you were way too biased towards iPhones, and I got tired of it. But you're improving significantly and you're really good with less bias.

  5. Adam M

    Like i saw another reviewer say, and which has crossed my mind as well. Faster processor? But how do you take advantage of that with an Iphone? Is there split screen? Can you multitask? It's all good and great to have a fast processor, but it has to translate somewhere. A 100th of a second faster opening an app doesn't make that much a difference to anyone.

  6. Mozef J.O. S. Kaddas

    Thank you Rene, for the awesome videos, one day I planned to move to Android world, but I ran back to iOS due to the same reasons mentioned in the video. It’s very important to me how The Apps operate inside the OS, and I found it frustrating the way the Apps operate inside the Android OS environment.

  7. Dengaz

    Hardcore love for android, but hes right about bixby and the gestures. iPhone nailed the gestures big time and one plus comes the closest. I hope they change this or add an app soon for this

  8. AugmentedGravity

    Basically, the S10 is the most "complete" phone to date. But Apple still hast the fastest chipset (in most cases, although not by much) and still has the best optimized apps due to IOS being a closed system, and also hving that apple ecosystem compatibility. But Android Pie is not far behind and with Samsungs new ONE UI, the gap is even smaller. Then theres the price…

  9. Wayne C

    8:18 when Samsung announced the fold phone then they showed off the advert, the front screen is significantly larger than the actual device, the real one is like a 4.5 inch screen..the advert is a bezel free screen, yet again, fake marketing imo.

  10. Vlad Tapia

    This seems to be an Apple Propaganda video. The statements being made, don't match any the comments from any other reviewer's. I will not watch videos from this channel ever again.

  11. Solomon's Tech

    I just stumbled upon this video and this is pure comedy LMAO. But in all seriousness, I think the Galaxy S10e is a better phone and more compelling offering than the iPhone XS. Why do ppl compare it to the XR when the price is the only thing that they have in common?

  12. Christin Songbird Beiner

    I tried an iPhone this year for the first time ever. I was always a Samsung fan girl. While I did get the xr, I really did enjoy Apple's functionality. Very clean, very fast. Not so good a camera on the xr. I'm now on the s10 I love it but I miss iOS.

  13. David Mcleod

    This was a really helpful video. I love the brutal honesty. I am not a gamer, so for me the Samsung 10 is the phone for me. They all come with 128GB, great cameras (the slo mo is awesome!) the head phone plug is an option, and the quick charge comes with it, the IPhone does not come with one, it's an extra cost.

  14. Muffin Man

    I’m switching from iPhone 7 to the S10. Yes the phone works great but it’s just boring at this point. The screen resolution is the big reason for me to leave they just aren’t impressive for $1k. Plus Samsung is giving $300 for the iPhone and another $130 credit. If I wanted an iPhone I get jack from them. No thanks, time to leave after 7 years.

  15. Naanu Loper

    6:24 …. "There is 6 month delta between google release and samsung release" ….. ROFL .. alll u fucking morons just care about a stupid version number and forget what exactly fucking shit u guys are getting with that useless update. Son i will tell you " THERE IS 3 YEARS DELTA BETWEEN FEATURES WHAT SAMSUNG PUTS ON GALAXIES AND WHAT GOOGLE ULTIMATELY COPIES THOSE FEATURE TO STOCK ANDROID" … so better stop crying about software updates … LOL !!!!

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