Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS — Hands-on comparison

Hayato compares the new Galaxy S10 to its biggest competitor, Apple’s iPhone XS. It turns out that, starting at $100 less than the iPhone, Samsung’s latest flagship has a lot going for it.

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30 Replies to “Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS — Hands-on comparison”

  1. Belij19

    I use iphone just because it never let me down in any way. "It just works". I am not saying samsung is bad. It is a very good phone, BUT…. apple for me.

  2. Osbro

    I have the Galaxy S10. It's been almost a year since I've had it and I'm currently thinking of switching back to IOS. Keep in mind this is my first android phone.

  3. ayalin64

    Just switched to the s10 and i like how they have gestures so coping up with android wasnt really that hard. Samsung just offers more flexibility and customization while apple is more user friendly and doesnt allow you to do much but provides enough so you wouldnt have to look for much. Just chose the s10 bcos of the amazing display I hardly ever even notice the hole punch since that part is mostly darkened in videos or I can flip it so its in the area where my hand covers the screen. I use phones mostly for watching videos anyway so the s10 is perfect.

  4. Akhil Yugesh

    What would it be like if a mobile with Samsung’s hardware and IOS software comes out??
    I think it would be the best mobile for couple of years 😎!

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