Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Battery Test

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Battery test between Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Apple iPhone XS Max to see which phone’s battery lasts longer. Our tests are conducted in a temperature controlled environment, with the screens and speakers calibrated for more accurate results.

Note: We work independently of manufacturers and purchase devices ourselves after they are publicly available. This helps prevent bias, allows us to use final versions of software, and reduces the odds of any sort of device tampering.

Battery Test Rankings:


Galaxy S10+: Snapdragon 855 (7 nm), 6.4″ OLED, 4100 mAh
iPhone XS Max: Apple A12 Bionic (7 nm), 6.5″ OLED, 3174 mAh



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Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Battery Test


46 Replies to “Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Battery Test”

  1. Online

    i was confused at first, since the S10 battery capacity is 1000 more than the iphone, and it was losing in some parts… but then i remembered that the S10 screen is better and bigger than the Iphone, but they cost the same. honestly if you aren't in the ecosystem there is NO reason to choose apple at this point

  2. Shuffle It

    How old is the iphone. The age of a phone may or may not affect its battery performance. It could be the case that the new galaxy s10+ had a fresher battery than the iphone xs max did.

  3. Isaac Lopez

    I appreciate this test but wouldn’t it be best to make this test without cellular data being turned on? That way it won’t be drawing out too much energy since each phone can possibly draw out different powers of energy because of cellular data. Idk just a thought. Great test tho.

  4. Jared Walker

    I have one question, how far along was the smart battery on the s10+? If it was brand new out of package, then the standby would most definitely last A LOT better than what it did in the test, or if it had been used for multiple days, then that would be a bit more accurate. If you want to take into account for the ai on the s10+, then do the exact same test over a week, and then you'll see the battery performance on the s10+ improve dramatically on it.

  5. LateNite

    This is not how most people decide which phone to buy. Most of your test are not how people decide. Most (not all) already know if it's Apple or Android for them and these test are not a deciding factor. My wife is an Apple sheep and I'm an Android guy. She's blonde so she need something simple.

  6. Mike E

    I am cross platformed . I enjoy iOS and and android. This battery test was ridiculous. I love the speed tests you do. But this is as far off as real world usage than you can go

  7. Chad Nicholson

    @PhoneBuff S10+ lost by a long way. If you compare them at the same nit same volume it is only fair that you compare them at the same mAh. With that extra 926mAh, when the iPhone died the S10+ should have still had 22% of its battery. You could just as well compare the iPad Pro to the XS Max and say the iPad Pro wins because it was alive longer. Of course it does +++mHa.

  8. Sakib Shahriar

    I would still buy iPhone Xs . Because , I bought Galaxy S9 last year and it still doesn't feel like home i don't know why . Not that I hate or anything but it doesn't feel like home on android :/ I only used 13 phones in my life and only 2 were iPhones

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