Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Drop Test!

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Drop test between Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Apple iPhone XS Max to see which smartphone is more durable. We use a professional drop test machine to increase both the accuracy and consistency of our drop tests.

Drop Test Rankings:

Note: We work independently of the manufacturers for the devices we review and purchase all devices ourselves after they are publicly available. This helps prevent bias, allows us to use final versions of software, and reduces the odds of any sort of device tampering.



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Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max Drop Test!


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24 Replies to “Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Drop Test!”

  1. ashraf al-shibly

    the s10 cracked at first and the x also but the s10 stay at the last and worked full functionality instead the fingerprint but the iphone stopped so the s10 should have a higher rate !!!

  2. Aria Seraj

    year 2019: Gorilla Glass 7, Corning claiming 2 times the strength of GG 6, reality it break at a meter height
    year 2020: Gorilla Glass 8, Corning claiming 4 times the strength of GG 7, reality it break at a meter height
    year 2021: Gorilla Glass 9, Corning claiming 8 times the strength of GG 8, reality it break at a meter height
    year 2022: Gorilla Glass 10, Finally a revolution in Gorilla Glass, Corning claiming 200 times the strength of GG 9

    reality, it break at a meter height!

  3. Logan IceGlare /Λόγκαν Λάμση Παγετού

    The new scoring system is terrible, every phone should get what it deserved, not 10 points if it passed the other one but still did bad, neither 6 points if it did terribly and deserved lower than that. The old scoring system was perfect and needed nothing more. Now it is just unfair.
    With the old scoring system, the Samsung have probably won, so I give the win to the Galaxy S10+.

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