Galaxy S10 vs. Pixel 3: how do you choose?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. the Google Pixel 3 – how do you decide between the two? The S10 is a little bigger, faster, with better battery life and the Pixel 3 has a better camera and is easier to unlock. They are both great options. Dieter Bohn talks us through the perks of each phone and tries to decide which one he should make his daily driver.

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27 Replies to “Galaxy S10 vs. Pixel 3: how do you choose?”

  1. Romy Valentina

    I switched from Samsung Galaxy to Pixel 3 and there are a few things (mostly minor) that are bothering me about the Pixel that is making me want to switch back to Samsung:
    – No LED light to tell me when I missed a call or have a text
    – constantly having problems with people hearing me on speakerphone (I replaced the phone and still have that issue)
    – Photos are super contrasty
    – Screen is not as nice
    – No scroll screen capture
    – I can't quickly adjust the ringer volume from the side volume buttons
    … And just random subtle differences

    Anyone else have these issues?

  2. Dean Oldfield

    I opted for the pixel 3xl over the 4 because of the price. Picked up a brand new 3xl for half the price.. will always choose pixel over any other devices. The camera cannot be beat and immediate updates are so important. Overall, unless you use a pixel you don't know how essentially they are all pretty much the same, with a few minor tweaks to each brand. I prefer to get my updates as soon as they are available. Something you only get from a Pixel.


    I have made my choice. I bought the Pixel 3. Pixel 3 $400 vs Galaxy S10e which I was considering, $750. Coming from an Samsung S7, it's like night and day! Never knew what the hype of pure Android was about until now. Now running Android 10 with more upgrades to come. My choice was a no brainier!

  4. blue sky

    Yea….. you ALSO bought the 24/7 memory monitor by China's security server that sitting in CHINA and all your personal privacy will be sending to them ALL TIME!!!!! Chess!!!!! LOL…………

  5. joe.mp4

    I've had a s10 for a couple of days now and my friend has a pixel 3. Were debating which is better lol. I found this video really interesting. Thanks:)

  6. Ambar Phone

    Hey, I'd like to know what do you think of Samsung Galaxy s10 vs the Pixel 4 XL. Can I have at least a feedback on both issues (camera comparison, ram, charging speed/batt life)?

  7. Sai's gadget to use

    Being a samsung dog for a long time what i feel is the updates degrade the phone experience pushing us for ghe next gen galaxy. M not sure how pixel is. I prefer xiaomi these days caz its better for alot lesser cost.

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