GALAXY S20: First 10 Things to Do!

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When it comes to tips and tricks for the Galaxy S20, our First 10 Things video is where you should start. This is the S20 tutorial that helps you get setup in the best possible way so that you can immediately get the most out of your new thousand dollar Samsung phone.

In this video, we cover lock screens (with fingerprints and face unlock), always-on display, 120Hz vs. 60Hz, navigation gestures vs. buttons, all of Samsung’s advanced features, and camera settings worth tweaking.


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41 Replies to “GALAXY S20: First 10 Things to Do!”

  1. Daryoosh M

    Great and very helpful tips. Favorite feature about camera app is the ability to move the snap button anywhere on the screen. I no longer need to practice yoga to take Billy the kid type shots with one hand.

  2. Lolly

    Does anyone know how to set the notifications reminder on as just the edge lighting? I'm really missing the LED notification reminding me of messages. I rarely have my phone on loud and keep missing notifications 😕

  3. Lena Carina

    OMG I'm still using the Samsung S7 but I want a new phone soon and I was just watching this and the Bixby routines are something else. Wow.. i didn't knew phones could do all that. I feel stupid now 😀 Thank you for the video it will come in handy when I get a new phone.

  4. J M

    Hello I am that well wanted apple user.

    Hated the first couple hours today, but now it’s pretty smooth. I’m happy with the change

  5. Roy Baron

    I left apple years ago after the 5 and I have never regretted that decision. Dont follow the sheep buying the same phone with a better camera every year. Android users arent sheep

  6. Jeff C

    The practical benefit of 120hz refresh is virtually none except maybe for gaming. So unless your gaming, you're just unnecessarily enabling something that negatively affects your battery life.

  7. Gaming Logistics

    Who knows why I have the home screen and app screen option enabled, but swiping on my home screen doesn't bring up my app screen? I'm stuck using the show apps button?

  8. RockSooks

    Trash video. I don't get the obsession with security. I know plenty of guys that can bypass all that shitty security and they're everywhere

  9. AdvancedSoda

    I just got the normal s20 and I've been really enjoying it! Best phone I've ever held in my hand. Way better than my normal moto e4 I had for a couple years. 😅

  10. Glenn Christino Yosua

    From Samsung Galaxy S3 to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and now to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. So grateful for this upgrade, I'm absolutely had such a fun experience with Xiaomi and thank you!

    Now let's go Samsung!

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