Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S20 makes all the right moves in all right places.

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38 Replies to “Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!”

  1. Paul Penkert

    Don't have the luxury of the s20 but I'm currently using the cheaper S20FE5G and loving it. If I could change one thing about it, I would increase the battery life. The S20 looks really slick (damn near the same minus glass and subtle camera difference). Oh and missing 8k? Hardly. I don't even shoot in 4k. I prefer good old 1080p@60fps. Looks great and saves space.

  2. Gio S

    I've upgraded from the G8 to the S20 and in a few ways I consider it to be a downgrade. My biggest issues with the S20 are:
    1. Face unlock on the G8 is far superior compared to the S20. Seeing that the G8 has dedicated sensors, It's more secure, accurate, and works better in low light.

    2. The optical finger print scanner on the S20 is cool but just not as accurate as the traditional scanner on the G8. I also prefer the placement on the G8.

    3. No option to disable the camera shutter sound on the S20 (atleast for the variant I got)

  3. Acturus Garcia

    Anyone know where I can download the stock wallpaper as seen in video, where the background is light purple? All the ones downloadable from internet have light grey background

  4. Preet

    for s20 u get to choose between higher resolution vs higher refresh rate. for a non-gamer what u think is the best – opt 1080p with 120 hz / quad hd with 60hz

  5. magnified101

    I upgraded from an S7 to an S20. I have not looked back, I was pretty tied to my S7 and refusing to let it go. The S20 is beautiful and so many cool features my old phone no longer had.

  6. Von Kaiser

    I would have gotten this if it wasn’t for one ui, I detest it. I know you can install a different launcher but I’ve had bad experiences with this and it’s too much hassle. Welp

  7. icervoid q

    HDR+ and that resolution are a shit. The great majority have weak eyes. In any domain the producers introduce too expensive products which offer features that are almost or entirely useless. I call this a pus.
    And that thing with … sixty cameras when is needed one.

  8. Andrew van Vuren

    How are the notifications on the S20? I am finding a delay on Huawei android devices with their notifications. Everything is turned on. So is it the same with Samsung?

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