Galaxy S20 Plus: 5 best and 5 worst things

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We’re taking a look at some of the S20 Plus’ best and worst features. Hopefully this can help buyers with their decision on whether or not to pick this beast of a device up!

S20 Plus Review –

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30 Replies to “Galaxy S20 Plus: 5 best and 5 worst things”

  1. Andrew C.

    1:01 I must be living in an alternate reality then, because over the last two weeks I've gotten to use the Google pixel 5, the Google pixel 4A 5g, and then the OnePlus Nord N100. all of them had software hiccups or stuttering and while it may not have been constant, it was still far from perfect.

  2. Mark Li

    We know the galaxy s20 plus has a 4500mAh that has the same size as mi 10 pro, mi 10 ultra, galaxy note 20 ultra, Huawei mate 30 pro, and more, but the galaxy s20 plus only has up to 14 hours of video playback, but the mi 10 pro, mi 10 ultra, galaxy note 20 ultra, and Huawei mate 30 pro all have up to 20 hours of video playback with the same 4500mAh battery, so get one of these phones, now!

  3. Fl0rin 09

    Does anyone else suffer that when the phone (s20 +) reaches 100% charge, does the screen turn off? the battery is not consumed but the screen remains off … until the last update, it stays on, until we disconnect the charger from the phone.

  4. Raygi Arfa

    Hello, i just bought the s20 plus and i have a problem where the my camera focuses quite long, and the quality is not as great as i see in vidros about s20+? Please help

  5. Fransisca Tania

    Yesssss my S20+ fingerprint scanner is always confused when I put my thumb on it. This makes me question the phone price hahaha is it really worth the price if the fingerprint is no better than a phone half-price of this?

  6. TheMine Girl

    Pricy? Have you seen iPhone? Every time iPhone and Samsung new models comes out, iPhone is always few hundreds of dollars/euros (european here) is more expensive than Samsung

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