Galaxy S20 Plus (and Ultra) vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Should You Upgrade?

Let’s dive in and compare the Galaxy S10 Plus vs the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra to see if you should upgrade.

Galaxy S20 comes in 3 flavors, but only the S20 Plus and Ultra should be considered as an upgrade for the S10 Plus.

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45 Replies to “Galaxy S20 Plus (and Ultra) vs Galaxy S10 Plus – Should You Upgrade?”

  1. johnnyboi943

    Well uh, I am pretty sure its not true when you say that 120hz is only available on lower resolutions for the reason of saving the battery. Its more of a hardware limitation, kind of like how a 4k monitor doesn't have 144hz while a 1080p monitor have up to 240hz, it wouldn't make sense about the saving power part because a monitor is always plugged in. A phone is not a monitor but its works the same as a screen.

  2. Quang Lam

    I have an S10 international model. I like to get a bigger screen. I don't like that the S20+ screen is basically longer, not much bigger overall. Seems like the S20 ultra is wider. There's good prices on the S20+ on ebay. $635. Should I upgrade?

  3. NoBito

    Ill stick with my S10 plus since this is the last of the Mohicans (VR Oculus ). Sucks the support for Oculus did not make a lot of money for samsung. Really sad. S10 plus is a great phone. I really like it!

  4. Ash Binx

    Guys I'm confused in my local they sell 4g lte what does that mean? Isn't it suppose to be 5g with 12 gb? I'm talking about s20 plus yes.

  5. Ryuichi

    I'm staying with my S10+. I use my headphones every night before I go to sleep, so the jack is important to me. Hope they bring it back with the new series.

  6. Serge02

    Having the exynos version of the s10 plus sucks. I switched from the redmi k20 pro premium to the s10 plus exynos. The lag is real on the s10 plus. $600 laggy phone compared to the $440 redmi. I was just forced to switch phones since the redmi kept losing signal in my area.

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