Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a great phone, but it comes at a steep price. Do you need to spend $1,400 or more on the latest Samsung phone, or can you get away with last year’s (also great) S10 Plus that’s significantly cheaper? I compare these two phones on camera quality, displays, how they look and feel to use every day, plus battery life.

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30 Replies to “Galaxy S20 Ultra vs. Galaxy S10 Plus”

  1. TheDesertsweeper

    I bought the s10+ 1TB Ceramic Model in February for a mere U$842 as a replacement for my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. And what a disaster of a phone it has been. Why? Ok yes the battery-life is dreadful (exynos version) – which I can live with – but not the Samsung UI which is not a patch on Huawei's way of doing things. From keying in the unlock code to messaging – it is archaic by comparison. What a tragedy the lack of google-support is for Huawei. I would have dumped this junk long back and switched to Huawei were not for that. I have now suffered the S10+ for almost 8 months and am actually tempted to buy the Huawei Mat 30 pro that is on sale now – and just live without google.

  2. Life Behind the Hatch

    I was on the fence about upgrading from my unlocked S10+ to the S20 Ultra but it really seems like the difference just isn't there enough to justify for upgrading. Thankyou so much Lexy for this informative educataded write up of these 2 phones. What an awesome video! Can't wait to get a review with the next Galaxy phone. Maybe even do it with the new addition as well as these 2 devices as they were so close in comparison.

  3. olosnah1

    5G does not exist yet… they offer an aspect of 5g and finally offering the 1gb 4g promised.

    yes you lemmings 4G LTE IS NOT 4G its 3g with aspects of 4g. less than 20% actually full 4G speeds and features.

    Again.. 5G does NOT exist. the tech is still drawings on paper or in R&D yhey have not even established the protocols for 5G much less How they can offer 5G. Add no matter the options they choose it will take 7-10x the infrastructure that does not exist to be installed.

    No Hawaii does NOT have 5G either.

  4. olosnah1

    Yep S10 and S20 All screen protectors are either super thin or have a whole where the finger print scanner in the screen is….. Bio metrics suck.

  5. Chee hwee Ong

    I have s 10+ it been very ! To tell the turn? I have friend,who have s 20 Ultra ? who,tell me to wait,for note 20 ultra or wait to s 21ultra because it about the same -1 120hz 2 8k video 3,100 mp ! Otherwise it about the same !

  6. phrack

    Thank you so much for the review! I'm upgrading from a Galaxy S8 and this really helped me make a decision for which one to get.

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