Galaxy S8 or S8+: Which should you choose?

The Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes this year, and both phones are pretty similar aside from their display dimensions and battery capacity. Which should you buy? Hopefully this video will help you decide.

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34 Replies to “Galaxy S8 or S8+: Which should you choose?”

  1. RefugeeT

    Thanks for the video. My girls S7E has packed up, she's had it for 3 years, so not a bad run. The S9 and S8 are so similar, she's opting for the cheaper S8 HOWEVER she wasn't sure if she should get a + or not, this great video has helped her decide on going with the S8.

  2. 승훈진

    I was dead set on getting a S8 but now I think I'm going to go for the S8+. I can find it for $30 more than a regular and it seems to fit my needs more. I'm a heavy media user, mostly due to work so when I get home my S6 is at 5-15%. The extra battery life on top of a bigger display will be really nice!

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