Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Samsung versus Apple flagships!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is a strong rival to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus flagship mobile, but how do these mighty smartphones compare for camera tech and other specs?

Here’s our full S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus comparison review and check out our hands-on review of the new S8 and S8 Plus handsets. We’ve also shot comparisons with flagship Androids like the Pixel and Pixel XL and the LG G6.

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21 Replies to “Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Samsung versus Apple flagships!”

  1. 1224홍승우

    So basically people are arguing

    Samsung: Better hardware specs, but less efficiency due to lack of optimization

    Apple: Hardware specs not as good as samsungs but high efficiency due to good old ios optimization

    Honestly, I want a phone with samsung hardware and ios.

  2. Bill Fowler

    You mean you guys like the latest phone over a 7 month Old one? NOOOO!??????….. LOL when the iphone 8 comes, the Samsung will be as laggy as 1990 computer..Lmao

  3. jose soto

    I just had the note 4 and note 5 for years but they stop making the note so I made the switch to iPhone 7 plus and I like it. I'll admit Samsung is better and they have way more features. But for what I do on my phone which is pretty much the basics the iPhone is perfect. I like how smooth and sharp it is.

  4. A Guy

    I have had enough of Apple's little games. As an iphone user myself, I watch as the years pass by and see that Android, the rival of Apple, is evolving over the years, unlike Apple, who is devolving by taking away beloved features of my former loved series of phones. Man, Steve Jobs must be so pissed if he found out what Apple has done after he died, cause this is getting tedious. I mean, taking away the headphone jack crossed the line for me, and I just bought some expensive headphones that I was hoping to use on the iphone 7. But no, "Air Pods" is the new headphone now. I have had enough of this. It's time to switch to Android, and get a Oneplus phone or whatever is the best for Android. At least they have a headphone jack, well I think not for the Pixel 2, but still, I'll be switching. I'll go use my new headphones for my future Android phone now.

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