Galaxy S9: 5 Hidden Features That Matter For Daily Use!

Galaxy S9 First 10 Things:
Galaxy S9 Customization:
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31 Replies to “Galaxy S9: 5 Hidden Features That Matter For Daily Use!”

  1. Adam Beltran

    THANK YOU!!! this helped my UE Megaboom with the volume. I kept racking my brain on how to disable the absolute volume. Ha! Much louder and much better! Also thank you on how to look at notifications on the home menu. You helped me a lot!!

  2. It'syogurlxo

    BRUHHHH imma just say I was a hardcore apple fan but I just bought the S9 plus 2 days ago and I am in love… like iPhone who???? The phone is brilliant, every feature is crafted in order to create an enjoyable experience. The display… THE DISPLAY i can't even tell you how beautiful the colours look or the pictures… i did love apple but damnnn Samsung you have outdone yourself!

  3. Tommy T

    When my smart watch is connected to my phone it constantly disconnects and connects from the car bluetooth and it's really annoying.. any ideas?

  4. Jaak Bezuidenhout

    Samsung Galaxy S9 drops calls. It happens pretty much every time you make or receive a call. Brand new S9 can't handle simple phone calls. It cuts you off for 10-15 sec. Technicians replaced the main board, problem persists. It's an international issue. Check this link:
    Do not waste your money on this phone. Samsung is not yet taking this issue seriously. They will probably make some kind of announcement soon. Their answer so far is "we're taking note, get your handset to a technician". This after the main board has already been replaced. (If you don't know, the main board is pretty much the entire inside of the phone). This issue is affecting a lot of people worldwide. Let's see how they handle this one. I am VERY disappointed 🙁

  5. bluffmasterhara

    Hi Jeff, I have a very important question for you. I recently bought a S9+ and I have noticed people all telling me that they can't hear me clearly, predominantly on whatsapp voice calls. Normal calls also have had similar reactions but lesser. So my question is, does this model of Samsung have a microphone issue?
    I'm a bit concerned, because when I go back to my Note Edge and have no problems at all. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Mike Wagner

    One thing I hate about the s9 is when I go to send a pic it no longer gives me a list of my previous contacts I have to click on messages and type in there name. On my s8 it gave me a list I click on the person and send.

  7. Brittany Brennum

    This was so useful, especially the second tip with the notification. It has been driving me insane when I have a Facebook messenger chat head up! You saved me so much frustration! Thank you!

  8. gotmunchies

    You can use command to change nav bar colour to black. I have. No root needed. Causes a little screen burn in the long run but nothing im too fussed about.

  9. LoDawn Young

    On my S9+ my badge notifications are not showing on any apps except my Gmail account. I have made sure the setting is turned on, but they still will not show up. Any ideas?

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