Galaxy S9 After One Year: Should You Buy the S10?

Here is my experience with the Galaxy S9 after 1 year. How has it held up over time and is it still worth it in 2019? This galaxy s9 long term review will give you an idea how well this smartphone has held up over time and how Samsung has stayed ahead of the curve and also done a good job with software updates and software. Stay tuned for Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10E coverage coming soon. Galaxy S10 unboxing and Galaxy S10 review all coming so subscribe for more!

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49 Replies to “Galaxy S9 After One Year: Should You Buy the S10?”

  1. Danny Winget

    Couple of things. IRIS Scanner not Retina Scanner and I forgot to mention the SD Card slot too. What do you think about the S9 after one year? Still Great or would you rather get the Galaxy S10?

  2. Franz Darren Tantoco

    Yeah, it kinda sucked that the Galaxy S9 has only 4GB of RAM when you consider that December before it was released, Samsung announced a midrange Galaxy A8+ that already had 6GB of RAM. My mom's Note 9 has excellent battery life cause of that 4000mAh battery but the S9's doesn't really suck bad or anything. I agree that I'd rather have a phone of that size over an Note. Finally, the S9 may not have live focus but I'm pretty happy with the selective focus mode. I've taken some great pictures with it!

  3. Simon K.

    Honestly even the s8 or s8+ is still more than good enough for less than a quarter of the s10. People that buy a new phone every year are stupid or filthy rich.

  4. Carl

    How are you not able to go through a day without running out of battery? I have an s9 and I have no problems with the battery life.

  5. Stuart Conlon

    I traded my S9+ for a Google Pixel 2 XL which I absolutely love. Pixel, the best phone I've ever owned. Excellent hardware and vanilla Android, perfect ?

  6. Kryptic Disciple

    Am I the only person who had the OneUI update make their S9's performance worse? Never really experienced much lag time prior to but now with the new update I've been experiencing a lot of apps unexpectedly freezing for no reason

  7. KB Knowno

    For the most part I love my s9 plus ! But I just found one big problem I want to make my Nintendo and Galaxy work together and Nintendo and Samsung supports couldn't seem to help.

  8. Lucia Yakubu

    Just a quick question. Why do some S8/S8+ come with the "Galaxy S8/S8+" logo and some S9/S9+ come with the "Galaxy S9/S9+" logo at the back of the phone and some don't?

  9. Jeremy Mccomas

    I went from an s7 to the s9+. I skipped the s8 because I wasn't ready to loose the phsyical home button that all previous Galaxy devices had when the s8 came out. The s9+ was an awesome upgrade for me in every aspect and I didn't miss the physical home button at all. I'm upgrading to the s10+ mostly because of the battery life and I want the upgraded camera! Having a wide angle rear will be awesome for a variety of shots. I hope the screen punch out doesn't bother me on the s10+ thats coming tomorrow! I did the trade in through Samsung, got $550 for my s9 plus.

  10. Garrielee Peck

    Old a year old fucking madness you just can't keep up iv had gaxalys from day one .my favourite aut all gaxalys is the s3 just bought s10 that my last gaxaly iv had enough .You can get phones just as good half the price my days of getting a phone as soon they come aut are over just tired of it all as long as it does what I need thats it but there was something about the s3 I just loved it I can get new one for 40 quid iv keep all my gaxalys but it's the end 10 be my last I'm tired of it more shit to worry about in the world what smartphone coming aut you don't get no peace from them people are fucking rude when your talking they sat paying with there phones taken away more freedoms away on utube and stuff Google facebook pisses me off my just go back to a basic phone .

  11. AdamAldo Smith Mitch

    I loves the S9+ but i hate that the volume button is too near to the other button below . I still would use the S9+ model lol , sorry i hate Samsung S10 lol but fuck me damn it i bought it when it was on the high price damn it shoot now it has a great price deal in Singapore lmfao lmao lol yolo .

  12. Peter

    I bought the s9 plus in coral blue yesterday and it's a pretty perfect phone ,super fast and sharp. It runs one ui and its perfectly smooth, no lag. I only used the software it shipped with until the 1.6gb one ui update was downloading

  13. TheJorgy13

    Just picked up a mint s9+ and Gs3 frontier watch included on ebay for $430!!! and yes I can afford the s10 but why spend over $1000! s9 still an awesome device

  14. MG

    Why is the title "Should you buy the s10?"…but you dont even compare these two, cause u dont even know the s10 yet?

  15. Serapis Christos

    What i want to see and hear, you people stop emphasize fing cameras, and better sound quality, f the camera, i dont buy a phone for a camera, dont put a damn camera on the front of the phone, no one will miss it. then you wont have to worry about a freaking notch..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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