Galaxy S9 Plus – Dual SIM & SD Card Work Simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Duos

Use both 2 SIM Cards and SD Card simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Duos Hybrid SIM slot.

Here is How to make 2 SIM Cards and 1 Micro SD Card work at the same time on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Duos (SM-G9657F/DS).

Dual hybrid SIM Card and Micro SD card working simultaneously.

Here is How to Insert two Nano SIM Dual SIM Enabled and one Micro SD Card in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Duos or any other hybrid Dual SIM slot smartphone.

Follow this Guide step by step to convert your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Duos and have Dual SIM & Micro SD Card working at same time.

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SIMore X-Extender hybrid slot SIM extension with Galaxy S9 Plus Duos

X-Extender is an adapter which allows to use two SIM cards and one micro-SD memory card simultaneously in your Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 Plus Duos.

You don’t need to choose between having two active SIM cards or only one SIM and one micro-SD.

With the X-Extender SIM card extension adapter, you are able to get both SIMs and micro-SD card all together.

X-Extender is suitable for dual SIM smartphones and tablets which have an hybrid dual sim slot.

These dual SIM phones allow to use 2 SIMs, or 1 SIM and 1 micro-SD, but you can not install both SIM cards and your micro-SD card at the same time.

Using X-Extender, it is now possible to place your two SIM cards and your micro-SD together, directly in the hybrid Dual SIM slot of your mobile.

Enjoy the dual SIM function of your phone as well as the SD card memory with SIMore SIM card extension.

Very easy to install, the X-Extender adapter takes place directly in the dual SIM hybrid slot under the micro-SD card.

It allows you to connect both of your SIM cards to your smartphone while keeping the micro-SD card in its slot.

SIMore X-Extender product file:

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