Galaxy S9 Plus revisit: 1 year later

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced a year ago. With the S10 being announced, where does that leave the S9? How does it perform nowadays? Is it still a good pick up? Similarly to the Note9, the S9 still performs very well, and with the new OneUI update, it breathes new life into the phone. A couple things may hold it back, but pound for pound, and with a lower price tag, the S9 is hard to beat even nowadays.

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25 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Plus revisit: 1 year later”

  1. jeff westbrooke

    Just ordered an s9 plus and note 8. First step into Samsung phones and I hope they're worth it. Motorola no longer makes indestructible phones like the turbo 2 so I'll have to worry about dropping it now.

  2. BatterySonic

    You phone reviewers are fucking crybabies. We literally have devices in our pockets that can manage and entertain every aspect of our lives and yet you always find some first world problem to throw a tantrum over like a notch. Grow up already. Smh

  3. malcolmar

    Just picked up a new S9+ in 2019 and love it for all the reasons you mentioned plus the VR. This might be a little thing but I just don't like the new trend of the black dot "hole punch" look introduced on the S10 when watching videos. I already slapped on a good case, a good screen protector and installed a 400 GB micro SD card in my phone and I know I will have it for a while. Well done Samsung!

  4. Isabella N

    Should i get thisbohone or the S10e? I mean the S9+ is cheaper and has better batteur life but the S10e looks so good and has such a great size!

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