Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Comparison

Can the Galaxy S9+ take down the Google Pixel 2 XL as best smartphone camera? Let’s find out!

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32 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Comparison”

  1. Alin Coman

    S9+ 1080 60fps is much better than Pixel's one, the Pixel video is out of focus sometimes, and trees are not as sharp as in the S9+, so a easy win for S9+, although I'm not a Samsung fan, I will choose S9+ for its camera.

  2. WretchedWacko

    Both look amazing it’s hard to chose between them but I like the S9 when pixel makes a new phone they will be on top again Apple needs to step up their game they are the underdog now

  3. Primal Strength

    Honestly I'm gonna have to give the edge to the s9 but only slightly. Again, each camera has its strengths and weaknesses. Both cameras are incredible. The s9 video is markedly better though, and sound quality as well. Context is everything like I said, some pics the pixel takes it, some the galaxy. It's also personal preference. If you're serious about photography though, you'll be post processing anyway so both cameras take beautiful pics to work from.

  4. Paul Shakeshaft

    This is a very good review it proves that the rear camera on the S9 is far better and sharper and the exposures the better it's a shame the front camera isn't as good as the pixel 2. But that's the rear cameras go on both phones s9 wins in every shot

  5. Kim Bridge

    Now you can't tell me that they both were very good i will even admit they were almost identical. Pixel has slightly better selfies maybe not zoomed in in one photo but the rest I think the both did an excellent job and Samsung has done very well this year. Thanks for the video

  6. Konic

    S9+ takes this for me. HDR+ feature on Pixel2XL sure looks great at times but most of the time, when you have that, it kinda feels lame for me. The only thing that I like about Pixel2XL is the Selfie Portrait Mode. Nothing beats it on that category. However, on this, as a whole, S9+ wins for me.

  7. Secret Player

    At the end of the day, This test is irrelevant. The Pixel 2 camera hardware specs is inferior to the s9. The Pixel 2 camera software algorithm is better than the s9 BUT that camera software advantage of the pixel 2 is nearly coming to an end thanks to the people hacking the google camera software and making them work on the s9. This port below have the portrait bokeh already working for the s9 and will have the HDR+ working too by end of this month.

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