Galaxy S9 | S9+ Always On Display & Lock Screen Tips & Tricks

The Galaxy S9/S9+ has some nice new adjustments for the Always On Display and Lock Screen. This video will take you step by step on everything that you can do and how you actually do it.

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50 Replies to “Galaxy S9 | S9+ Always On Display & Lock Screen Tips & Tricks”

  1. Salina Terry

    New subscriber and just getting a new phone finally, which is tbe galaxy s9 plus . Great video! Have a great rest of your week. This has been helpful.

  2. steviewhy13

    Hey! I somehow changed the colour of my Messaging Icon on Always on Display to BLUE! Do you know where the setting is to change it another colour?

  3. Zook T

    how to see notification on always on displaying without going straight in the app notification?
    like now i double tap the icon on always on screen it takes me straight in the app, i dont want this

  4. Kevin Dover

    Is there anyway to adjust the call screen time out on my S9+? I have to make calls to a few places that require me to push a lot of numbers. I bring up the keypad and then have to wait for the recorded voice to finish going through it's list of options before I can select mine. The problem is the screen times out after 15 seconds. This happens almost every time because there are a lot of options. I have changed the lockout screen time to two minutes and have no issues there. But I have been unable to find a place to change the call screen settings.

  5. Valeria Adam

    Mine does not have clock and information. It just has "home button and clock" "clock" or Just "home button. I would love to see if I have messages on the always on display. I also noticed I don't have the set schedule for the brightness for always-on display.

  6. IslandDude

    Bought my S9+ in October and love everything about it until yesterday when I did a update. I'm not sure what they are called, but the little icons that show on the AOD display below the clock with the messaging icon, mine have disappeared since I did the update. Can you tell me how I can get them back so I can see my text messages come across my screen without having to unlock my phone. Thanks so much.

  7. Taz Man

    My S9 did a updated today and now my always on display is not working and yes it is on. I also can't find where the times are for setting when I want the display to come on, any idea what happened?

  8. OffEasy

    I have the galaxy s9 and I put an image as my wallpaper for the always on display but I cant find anywhere in the settings to take it it off

  9. tranquility

    Brett. I have tried repeatedly to change the color of the clock on my always on display. I did it per your instructions but it only changes the color on the lock screen. I have the s 9. It also doesn't show type on the color screen change only clock. What can I do if anything? Thanks

  10. Eu Sunt Jemo

    Hey…i have a problem…so today i bought a phone case that covers my sensors…but the front is transparent in a way…but when i sey always on display it stays on for 1 mintes at most an then if stops showing up…i disabled the setting that says the didplay deactivates when it s in pocket or something but still nothing…any ideeas?

  11. SPG 12

    I have noticed that the AOD turns of after a little time. Do someone know how long time it takes? It turns on when I open the shell.

  12. Bruna Matos

    Hi Brett. How can I have more AOD layout options? I've got an S9 and but default settings I don't have that many. I've downloaded an apk in the past but since I've upgraded the software to the beta version its it's gone. Any advise on this would be brilliant. Thanks

  13. Jeff D

    i want to be able to see my notifications on the "always on" display. currently there is no way to do that, so no way to know if you have any unread messages until you move to the "lock" screen. this is ridiculous.

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