Galaxy S9/S9 Plus – Stuff YOU MUST DO After Buying!

In this video, we take a look at all the stuff YOU MUST DO after buying the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus to get the most out of your new smartphone. New to Android or Samsung? Watching this video can help you get most out of your phone and also save time! So be sure to check it out and thumbs ups appreciated!

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For Galaxy S9+:

In this video, we show you how to customize the following:

– Screen resolution
– Performance mode
– Color Balance
– Power Saving mode
– Dark theme
– Voice control and floating camera, volume keys
– GIF in camera, GIF using edscreen
– Slow motion tip
– Screenshot draw, pin to screen
– Button layout
– Turn off Bixby
– Night Mode
– Video lockscreen
– Fast wireless charger
– Qc3.0 usb power bank
– Story mode

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42 Replies to “Galaxy S9/S9 Plus – Stuff YOU MUST DO After Buying!”

  1. Lanced Heart

    You never know you might meet a celebrity!!?gees wtf has happened the WORLD, also just stick on NIGHT MODE to darken screen +save battery, but hey. Thanks for the video at least it will help new users, ,,Dublin

  2. Ewan Matthews

    This video really made me realize how much other YouTubers play up the differences in phones. Like I know Samsung and EMUI and iOS and Stock are different, I'm not dumb. But EMUI and iOS have had most of these features for a while too, just not as customizable. The gap between all of these devices is smaller every year, in terms of software. I don't understand the crazy brand loyalties and battles, they're all evolving from each other and the competition.
    (Think I'm gonna make the move to a Samsung from Huawei!)

  3. Zulfiya Tursunova

    The one thing i hate is that we pay so much for an insane screen and speed and all the other goodness….BUT your battery always runs fast so you put it on power saving and it slows ur phone down and ruins that display level

  4. Diane Harrison

    Is it just me or does every high st shop(yes I know theres online etc)sell bloody i Phone.. i phone cases everywhere and hardly any Samsung cases..why oh why?

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