Galaxy S9+ vs Huawei P20 Pro: 5 Reasons to Go With Samsung!

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47 Replies to “Galaxy S9+ vs Huawei P20 Pro: 5 Reasons to Go With Samsung!”

  1. Jeff Springer

    *NOTE*: It appears some models of the P20 Pro can stream Netflix in HD while others cannot, this appears to be a region specific issue. I would caution you before importing to US as it's hard to say which region model you will receive.-
    Check out the full text list here:

  2. Tsubasa218

    Not sure if it's version difference, but my P20 Pro came with USB-C corded headphones, as well as a USB-C-to-3.5mm jack converter, so audiophiles can still use their favorite headphones with the P20 Pro. That being said, I'm not sure if the converter downgrades the audio quality.

    About the lack of gesture controls to bring up the app drawer, it's easily solved by installing third party launchers like Nova. I'm personally using Evie and I highly recommend it.

    Needless to say, I debated between these two phones and the Vivo Nex S for a while. I eventually picked the P20 Pro, and I'm loving it and never regretted my decision.

  3. Gazzofication

    P20 has a better, more versatile camera, much better battery life (4000mah) and an ir blaster to control your mates TV when they're watching the football. ?The S9 is a beautiful phone but cheapest I could find it on EE was £43 a month with 2gb of data. The P20 contract I have with EE is £33 and 30gb of data.
    Netflix of course streams in HD… In the counties where China isn't treated as an enemy ?
    Plus it's a bit unique as most people I know have an iPhone or a Galaxy, when the P20 is shown, it's genuinely impressive… Leica lenses and 40megapixels, 20 monochrome and 3x optical is serious bragging rights ha. It's thinner than the S9 and the earpiece speaker acts as the 2nd speaker for stereo sound.
    Plus you can go a whole day of use and still have 40% battery which is the most important thing to me when traveling.

  4. Crafty Craff

    Hi Jeff. Please let me know how you got your notification slider to be a "dark theme"?
    The one thing I hate about my S9 is the fact that the notification slide is this ugly white against my dark theme wallpaper 🙁

  5. Ernestas Obelenis

    same old story as it use to be with apple vs samsung,only now its samsung vs huawei.first you are comparing 900+ device with 600 worth device so what samsung offers for that 300+ is nothing.huawei has phenominal battery life due to AI ,bigger capacity lower res and way less why do you need 4k res on phone screen is beyond me …huawei took most optimal res for battery life and good look and frankly putten them together you cant see no diference. cpu on s9 is better theres nothing to say about it.cameras whoever says that s9 camera is better needs to wake up,only thing that sucks is lack of 4k stabilization on p20 pro which will eventualy be awailable with updates.cough cough there is a setting for apps drawer on huawei phone so reviewer needs to do his homework better.headphone jack people we are moving forward and within a year time 3.5 mm will be a history on all harware and i give 100 % wathing reviews after year we'll hear people complaining that why phones still adding 3.5mm jack. huawei has stereo speakers aswell.lets not even talk about BIGSBY yeah i loved samsung for so many years,but they became new apple now and phone that ads NOTHING>>> over s8 and cost 900 + is not for phone from huawei will kick all the other companies from horizon,thats how marketing works.

  6. indian4peace

    Jeff ???. My hi… Ah I'll always go with stereo speakers. Let's see if oneplus 6 comes with stereo, if yes I'll go for it. If not I'll buy galaxy s9 plus. ???

  7. DrakeIsSix

    Yes I too like the headphone jack . I have a older car that has a 1/8 audio in jack and I leave a 3ft cord plug in and it the simplest, most reliable way get Pandora or similar audio streaming my car. Second is provider specific software. I bought and returned a unbranded LG V30 to use on Verizon and had missing two critical programs I use daily , The free voice mail previewer and Wifi hot spot software are not available for download from Verizon . So for me with Verizon's sale on the Samsung S9+ , it would be dum to buy a branded LG V30 last years model for more. ??

  8. Gildrion

    hm…read in forums, that you can watch Netflix in HD on the p20 pro as well. Furthermore, there is an adapter for headphones for the p20 pro

  9. Grey Wolf

    Samsung s9 plus also blows Huawei p20 pro out of the water when it comes to screen resolution.
    Samsung s9 plus: Super AMOLED (2960×1440)
    Huawei p20 pro: Full HD+ (2244 x 1080). The only selling part of the Huawei was its triple camera and countless tech geeks already proved that it was just a bogus as it has a terrible image stabilizer and when you record a video with P20 pro, it seems like it was recorded during an earthquake. Used several brands so far and never have I been satisfied this much before s9 plus.

  10. Relic Hellsythe

    Huawei is just a feeler for overpricing its phone for just a camera and battery life.. While most of its software features, region exclusive shits and processor can't even complete in a.. also overprize S9+ phone.. with just a few difference in a price.

  11. Terence :D

    bullshit comparing, how could a chinese shitty phone be compared with a samsung phone. it's all covered and made by others' hard working ideas — china, paradise of thieves, chinese, animals with bottomless greed,  kings of copying. the world rudest animals on this fucking planet.

  12. Kuthan Karakoç

    Huawei p20 pro much detailed day light shots and unrivaled night time mode, more ergonomic, fingerprint sensor located front and also face recognition better, fluid experience comparison to samsung bloatware, better battery, just pick up the phone and you don't need to touch a button it will turn screen on instantly as soon as sees your face, you can answer calls just by taking the phone to your ear etc. Sold the s9 plus got the huawei p20 pro couldn't be more happier

  13. Periklis Dosis

    Apps – Home Scrn – Apps – Swipe – Swipe – Apps – Home Scrn – Apps – Swipe – Swipe – Apps – Home Scrn (thats all you do with your phone today.)

  14. Alex TanMcR

    Its okay we don't watch video from Netflix or other platform but we do love Videos and Movies from ours favorites unique platforms that not everyone knew and it doesn't cost anything because they just have too many money to spend on.I have a tips its a platform from China it's all free and have Copyright certification and speaking of free there's only 1min Ads on all movies/videos started.

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