Galaxy S9 vs iPhone XS – Clash of the Titans!

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23 Replies to “Galaxy S9 vs iPhone XS – Clash of the Titans!”

  1. Ironblack 3

    I’m thinking about what phone choose, I’m right now by the side of iPhone XS Max because i really enjoy using the operative system with my Mac… but, seeing the other hand, the S9 make me think seriously in what phone pick…. somebody who help me? Don’t take in count that I’m using my Mac, for the pc there’s no problem….

  2. dodgeram1500tn

    why the hell does people get iphones. i bought one the other day and dang cant figer out nothing one that piece of junk, so many dang steps and do this and that to do one little thing and still dont get nowere screw iphone junk going back to my samsung s9 plus so much easier and does stuff so much more, i will never try a iphone again crazy shit.

  3. Alberto Reyes

    What and where can I find the bukeh (blur) option in the S9? Are you referring to the "selective focus" function which only let you take photos until 20 inches to have this effect?

  4. Anas Khalil

    Samsung is absolute shit, The S9/Note9 still have a fragile Plastic Sim Tray even the iPhone 4 from 2010 have a Metal Sim Tray 🙁
    Let's see if the S10 will have a Metal one 🙁
    Yes it's a big deal, It broke on my S7 edge and when you fix this the phone is no longer water resistant and alot of people also had the same issue with the S7/S7edge S8/Note8 etc

  5. Dirty Asian Mafia

    iPhone is better for me. I only use my phone for social media, texting, and watching videos. my 7+ last me all day and into the night. for other things I use my computer for those tasks

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