Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL: Make the Right Choice

The best from Google goes head to head with the best from Samsung, this is Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL. It is going to be a heated battle so grab some popcorn and enjoy the video!

Galaxy S9 Review:
Pixel 2 Review:

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-Pixel 2 XL Specs-
1440 x 2880 P-OLED display, 6.0 inches
Snapdragon 835
64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM
12.2 MP rear camera
8 MP front camera
3520 mAh battery

-Galaxy S9+ Specs-
1440 x 2960 Super AMOLED display, 6.2 inches
Snapdragon 845
64/128/256 GB, 6 GB RAM
Dual 12 MP rear cameras
8 MP front camera
3500 mAh battery

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46 Replies to “Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL: Make the Right Choice”

  1. Jiani Zhao

    Google Pixel 2 XL is the worst product ever!!! I will never buy any google product! I had pixel 2 for over one year, and my device had the issue with speaker that I couldn't hear anything from the phone, google sent me a refurbished one, and the problem still existed. Making a phone call is an issue with a cell phone, what do you need it for then?  It seemed they don't have any way to solve the problem, and they won't refund you at all. I was told they only refund you within refund policy which is 15 days within purchase date. Who would found the problem within 15days???  At lease Apple has good return policy. My sincere advice, stay away from any GOOGLE phones!

  2. kakashi1300

    Stock android is surely overrated nowadays. Yeah samsung is slow with the updates but so what? In terms of features it already has beat the stock android to a punch. Windowed mode just got to the stock android recently whereas samsung has had that for years! Also the close all in the recent apps screen, already with samsung for a very long time already and just got recently added into the stock android. And also, those saying samsung is still laggy and clunky must've been living in 2013 or earlier. Samsung is basically lag free starting the S5.

  3. Sharon K

    I'm a long time Samsung user. I used to love them but not so much anymore. They are bloated with software you don't need and worst of all it seems a lot of it is duplicate software. For example, Samsung Internet opens to Google as a homepage and yet Google is included too. After the recent Android update Samsung now runs more slowly and glitchier. I assume this is because of bugs and will be fixed in the future but who knows. Camera, yes better in low light but I notice burned highlights and blown out lights in both regular daylight pictures and dim light. If you have even scene lighting your picture will be okay, strong bright light and you probably get burnt highlights except with the 2.4 aperture if you're using the S9+ and not the S9. I feel Samsung also changed the color in their pictures from previous generations and find them a bit off. Pictures using the 1.5 aperture on the single lens S9 will also be a bit soft and again, burnt highlights or blown out lighting if you have any strong light in the pictures. Super slo mo is pretty useless in most circumstances. I do give the S9+ an advantage in zoom with the dual lenses but you'll be dealing with a larger phone. Button placement is ghastly. I keep on pushing the Bixby button by accident. Also to get the best out of the camera you will have to use it in PRO mode or switch between lenses so you may miss the shot by then and frankly if I'm going to do that much work for a shot I might as well use my mirrorless camera. I haven't used Pixel yet but it's looking more attractive to me for the next upgrade for the simpler Android experience and better overall picture color rendition in my opinion. I will have to give it to Samsung for speakers and screen which is the best I have experienced. Also a plus is their blue light management feature even though it does make the screen look a bit magenta or warm depending on what you are looking at. If camera isn't that important to you S9+ will be a great phone except for recent update lag.

  4. RaphaniacZX

    I picked the 2 XL for 2 factors.

    #1. Price, end of the day no matter how you look at it the price of a phone pushes a bar for its worth, the Pixel 2 XL competes with the S8 and iPhone X and outclasses them, I got mine for $450 from a brand new box untouched.

    #2. Smoothness, I'm not speaking purely about lag or stutters but *reliability*, I can't speak for long term owners, but I've yet to have hiccup or issues after 2 months, no restarts, no freeze, no issues and my phone has a much longer life expectancy simply of updates breathing new life and fixing any issues the device had (all complaints from launch have been fully addressed already)

  5. Ramon White

    Friend I intend to acquire a device and stay with it for about 2 years. Looking at the cameras for photos in the automatic mode is it worth getting the Google pixel 2XL or s9 plus? Success!

  6. Jonathan Minor

    The only thing that I don't like about the pixel 2XL is that you can't put an SD card in it . Google please take note . I love the position of the speakers and everything else .

  7. RKGSD

    It really comes down to feature-packed vs camera, timely updates, and an extra year of updates. As for the displays, although Pixel POLED is cheaper tech than Samsung AMOLED, the Pixel 2 XL screen is sharp and detailed…a little more so than the S9. It's most noticeable on text.

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