Galaxy S9 vs. Pixel 2

Of the two Android heavyweights available now, which phone should you buy? Let’s break it down:

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26 Replies to “Galaxy S9 vs. Pixel 2”

  1. Dramatello

    Headphone jack? Oh my god, isn’t this 2018?
    Smartphones should have zero jacks on them… like, not even for charging in my opinion but until that technology comes – at least realize Bluetooth is the true and current way of listening to music.

  2. DeadofWinter321

    I had the S9 for about a week and ended up returning it. Got the Pixel 2 XL and still to this day, I have no regrets. I plan on getting the Pixel 3 or 3 XL when there’s promotions for it. I will give it to Samsung though for trying in the camera department. I had the S8 before my Pixel 2 (and the first gen Pixel XL before the S8) and I absolutely couldn’t stand the camera on it, the photos taken looked a lot worse than ones from my first Pixel. The S9 takes photos that ALMOST match the Pixel 2. But still, can’t find much to justify choosing it over the Pixel 2.

  3. eazibaby eaZI

    Most features are baked in stock Android already! I mean Android is Google software, everyone else is just using it!! Pixels all day. Ever since going to stock Android I can't go back to a skinned version from these manufacturers!! Bottom line no body does Android like Google. Make this comparison when others aren't using Google software!!!!

  4. DreeTheGodd

    If you want useless gimmicks, lag, a shitty front camera, and bloatware. Go for the Galaxy so if you want a super fast, amazing camera, fast updates, and a phone that works all the time instead of sometimes. Get the Pixel 2. Idc what any of you Samshit fanboys say the Pixel 2 is unmatched

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