Galaxy Tab S6 Honest Review – Only one issue..

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 is an excellent tablet, but there’s just one issue..
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The Galaxy Tab S6 is a great tablet and it packs a lot of value, including the S-Pen and coming with 128GB of storage.

It features a keyboard that comes with a trackpad and full cursor support, so it can actually do quite well at replacing your laptop!

It’s packing some pretty impressive performance with it’s snapdragon 855 processor, and it can definitely compete with the 2018 iPad Pro.

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46 Replies to “Galaxy Tab S6 Honest Review – Only one issue..”

  1. Temujin

    Don't buy any of the amoled Samsung tablets unless you can deal with green screen tints and non uniform screens. You've been warned I've learned the hard way!

  2. Harleen k

    I hate apple because my ipad went on activation lock mode and I had no clue what the apple ID or password was . Fuck icloud tbh . Never getting one again

  3. Sylvester Pereira

    Can I install apps like Lightroom, picsart, on s6 tab. How well does it perform.
    I was thinking of Samsung s5 e. But ur review has almost convinced me to go for the s6
    Wait for ur reply @max tech

  4. FalloHD

    i am watching this vidieo on my samsung galaxy tab s7 plus … i like the tablet more better then the ipad pro 12.9 which i bought and then send it back due to the lack of the Color Note….. whitout that app i can't do my job

  5. Ammar Saleh

    Android whatever, for ever.
    I hate IOS so fucking much.
    With android you litterly can do anything, even paid programs can be installed for free.
    In android you're the owner, in IOS you're a half-owner.

  6. John Doe

    I hate how my ipad air 2 keeps turning on cloud sync when I explicitly have turned it off. Ontop of that, cloud says I have 200 pics videos on there but when I search it, its empty. Yet it tells me I've already used 500mb of space.

    Lastly, although ipad has implemented a nee file system, I dont like it. It doesnt show any app files and in general seems like you cant manage data in there unless it's just pictures. Most files just dont show up. even with just pictures it's a headache.

    Tl;dr: apple waters down functionality for simplicity and I dont like it. Also, icloud turns itself on 🙁

    It's a bummer because I like the ipad pro, looks very solid and has great specs. But, for those reasons, I'm out

  7. Donald MacGougan

    I just got a tab S6 4 days ago and Holly crap this tablet is wicked awesome. I have an 11 max pro cellphone and a 15inch Mac book pro with touch bar. I love my apple products, but this S6 tablet is amazing. I really wanted to switch it up and it did not disappoint. I already have a MacBook pro and I did not want to spend a couple thousand dollars (Canadian pricing) on an iPad pro, Apple pencil and a magic keyboard. Would just be too much when I already have a MacBook pro. I really wanted a tablet for Amazon prime, Netflix, social media, eReader, some games, and with a really nice display. I'm honestly over the moon with this tablet guys. Its so thin, and has the same premium brushed aluminum finish like apple products do, and man oh man can you tell. And the display! This display is no joke. They knocked it out of the park with this display. I would give this tablet 12/10 if I could. I love it!

  8. Quiet Corner

    I just ordered one for my wife. She is a teacher and it will be a work computer. Her school is going digital and attendance and grades are all done through an app or two. This will be something small and portable where she can do work while she has deadtime between classes.

    As an Apple user, I just want to say… Go Samsung! It forces Apple to up their game. Same thing for Samsung users. If Apple comes out with a better product, that forces Samsung to respond. In the end, we all win.

  9. Fuzzie

    Samsung any device if you want to mirror to TV share images you just do it with no 3rd device or wire required like the Apple you need Apple TV to mirror …. 🤦🏻if I wanna add music I can just go onto any computer literally any and just grab and drag into my phone rather than apple where you need to use iTunes and sync sometimes it syncs stuff that you don’t need it’s such a hassle

  10. Um Dad?

    That looks good but when I’m saying I’m gonna buy an s6 tab every apple fanboy tell me to go with iPad I wish they could just know how much an iPad cost n my country lol

  11. C C

    That LAGGGG is a no no for me nope totally not. Its 2020 and apple ipad SoC is comparable to todays intel and amd CPU. When using an ipad like music editing photo video and stuff android lags like hell while on ipad i can stream 4k in multiple render without noticeable lag while on samsung tab its like turning on a 2015 intel celeron computer.

  12. Erik

    So you think the software aren't as good as Apple but if you aren't an apple user the apple software abd ecisystem is a bigger negative issur

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