Galaxy Tab S6 vs 2018 iPad Pro – The BEST tablet?

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 is great, but can it take over the 2018 iPad Pro’s spot as the best tablet in the world?
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Introduction – 00:00
Chargers & Batteries – 0:44
Design Differences – 1:10
Face ID vs Fingerprint Sensor – 2:13
Display Comparison – 3:13
Display Quality Compared – 4:40
120Hz ProMotion vs 60hz Display – 5:36
Pencil Lag Comparison – 6:08
Speaker Comparison – 6:26
Camera Comparison – 7:56
Performance Comparison – 8:41
Specs & Price Compared – 9:32
Conclusion / Better Value? – 11:00

In this video, we compare basically everything about the Galaxy Tab S6 and Apple’s 2018 11″ iPad Pro.

We take a look at design, displays, speakers, pencil lag, performance with Geekbench 4 and much more!

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42 Replies to “Galaxy Tab S6 vs 2018 iPad Pro – The BEST tablet?”

  1. PowPawel

    Tab s6 display looks horrible from the side. It should be black not right grey… I'm upset. I was actually thinking about getting it but no that is one of the main things Inhate about my phone

  2. Krish Patel

    I don't take photos with my tablet but I think the iPad was a little more detailed but the Samsung ultrawide was super cool too, two amazing tablet, props to android and apple

  3. Qasim Waseem

    I am surprised that the speakers within samsung tab s6 can produce sound louder than the ipad even though it is equiped with the speakers which are smaller than the ipad in size…

  4. Tim Tom

    Ios alone is the best OS between the two , sorry sam not good enough . Have both 11 n 12.9 ipad can’t get any better at least for the mean time .

    African maasai

  5. chiptaxfree

    On my old iPad I could highlight an article and have it speak to me out loud. Can I do that on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1?
    In other words, I would like my Tab A 10.1 to be able to read things aloud to me. Can it do that? If so how?

  6. Benjamin Paul

    I love the fact that he starts by praising samsung but gradually moves on with usual bias towards Apple.If u are actually looking a honest review do not watch his videos. there are plenty of other honest reviews out there.

  7. ngui fu long

    yesterday i go survay ipad and tab s6
    the samsung shop display tab s6 and i try the samsung pen , it was broken , sensitivity lost , i ask the salesperson ,
    he told me the display unit almost 1 years and broke already just because too many people using it.
    So i decided to buy ipad.

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