Galaxy Watch 42mm Unboxing and First Impressions!

So since I got out of jail (apple) I decided to give my honest view of what samsung has to offer. first I got the #SamsungGalaxys10plus then I got the #SamsungGalaxyWatch and this is my first impressions and unboxing 🙂

get it here!

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39 Replies to “Galaxy Watch 42mm Unboxing and First Impressions!”

  1. Melvin Freeman

    I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier for $399 a little over a year ago. Awesome battery life! Lots of nice watch faces too choose from. I traded it in for Apple’s Series 4 Apple Watch.

  2. BulGameRYT

    What does the mm means? the thickness of the watch or what exactly? Thanks for this videos man, really thinking on getting a Galaxy watch and i am not even a watch person, but man, this is super usefull in my daily basis

  3. Harold Martin

    Nice video! I have a pretty ridiculous story. I’m a phone nut! First, sold my iPhone XS Max and 44mm Apple Watch and got the ceramic black S10+ and 46mm galaxy watch. I used them for approximately 12 days and sent them back. Secondly, I’m back with XS Max and Apple Watch. Thirdly, I regret switching back to apple. I would have to say I’m just addicted to the apple ecosystem. I have to admit in terms of hardware, Samsung has successfully surpassed apple. With one ui, they getting close in terms of software. I just don’t know what to do. I’m thinking the galaxy fold might make stick with Samsung for the long term ?

  4. sec fol

    im tempted to get apple watch for an ecg.. but hey, while doing a research im starting to see a trap.. no no no.. i will not.. for an ecg, i need to buy this and that and those.. ? goodluck apple..

    still racking my galaxy sport.. ?

  5. Alessandro Silva

    Man, you just made my mind to buy one of this. I never bought an Apple Watch because I like more traditional watches, and seeing it on just made my mind that's the right one. Keep up the good work.


    If you think about it, apple was unmached in design. The galaxy s3 looked like a cheap toy compared to iphone. Now the galaxy phones look more premium, the galaxy watch looks nicer than the apple wach( yes the galaxy watch has crap software compared to many other watches). But it looks nicer. Samsung now has to make a laptop that looks premium and we have a new king.
    As for the apple ecosystem, google will take over in a couple of years. Android market share makes this inevitable.
    "Tim Apple" must be kicked out asap if the company is to remain in top.
    Edit: saw the notebook 9 pen. Looks promising.

  7. CptSai

    Got the watch too and galaxy buds I love it its very styleish also got the Samsung portable charger. Now I'm in the Samsung echo system just left apple as well ha

  8. Su

    Been following your videos ever since you first got the Galaxy S10+ and I think im going to leave apple soon as well… just not sure if I should wait for the note10….

  9. djlobb

    Also the beautiful thing about the Galaxy S10 and other Android devices, is that you don't need to stick to the Samsung ecosystem. Outside of iOS most products work from competing companies work well together.

  10. djlobb

    Oh Hi Mark! Hey I know this video is a bit old now but one thing to remember is that this isn't an Apple Watch 4. That can be good and bad depending on your expectations. I personally love the G Watch for what I use it for, and its battery life is the best out of the smart watches in it's feature range. Whats your fave thing on it? I really like the rotating bezel and Golden Eye watch face lol.

  11. John vape

    Love my 46mm galaxy watch. I get +3 days with the heart rate sensor completely off along with disabling REM recording. Says I'll get +6 days with power saving mode

  12. Ethan Nash

    I never kept myself to one brand, I'd try to get what looks best in that moment of time, whether it apple or Samsung, but apple is really dropping the ball here. The best thing they can do is stop being so money hungry and dropping the prices of EVERYTHING, otherwise everyone is gonna be getting the less expensive, more technically advanced products from Samsung. Samsung on the other hand are killing it. I went with LG for my first TV and soundbar, and then got a Qled TV and their flagship HW-N950 soundbar, and I can see everything be connected on my phone. It's a pretty cool ecosystem. Next, I'll have to start getting smart home appliances so I can see that the washer is done from my TV or check cameras? I'm only 19 too. That just shows how easy it can be to get Samsung products; they aren't just innovative but good at business, kinda like Sony. I think Sony has been in the technology game since the early 1990s or earlier, and are still a top brand today, especially with playstation. It's not just the products, but wise business decisions as well with the ability to get premium products to the majority of the public instead of just the higher class. A bigger market gets them more profit to continue innovating, and Samsung will always innovate instead of following trends. They didnt want OLED panels in their TVs (despite many fans getting tired of hearing lg OLED is the best) but have created some very impressive tech for LCD displays, and I think that will give them an edge when micro led gets more commercially available to eveyone, and beat LG with omissive displays in the future

  13. Ethan Nash

    You forgot one thing when comparing prices. The galaxy watches are made from stainless steel and have gorilla glass DX or something like that. The apple watches come in an aluminum body and I'm not sure about the glass but as you said with those rounded screen corners, it'll scratch fairly easily. To get a stainless steel body, you're looking at like $700 for the series 4. Very expensive just to match the material Samsung used with the gearS3 and Galaxy watch standardly. Even being steel, I have scrapes from work, so I can only imagine it would have little chucks taken out if it was aluminum. You really just get the better deal with Samsung. Paying more doesn't always mean higher quality. Sometimes its just about seeing if anyone is dumb enough to pay that price for the brand

  14. ChillOut

    Hey man, I just went to Samsung too from Apple (3-24-19). Got the ceramic white and love it! Can't seem to figure out how to get the apps on the lock screen like you have though?

  15. lewis keido2018

    Honestly mark you've gained a subscriber just for the fact that you were very open minded about trying Android/Samsung. I have the s10+ also and I love it. In a age where technology is evolving it just seems like apple still in the stone age..

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