Galaxy Watch Active 2: 6 months later!

Here is a review of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 after 6 months of use and 5 important takeaways!

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24 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active 2: 6 months later!”

  1. TBogdan E

    Do you have scratches on the back? Like, on the surface between the watch and your hand
    Mine after 1 month have some fine scrathes visible under a bright light

  2. shane warne

    Hey man am planning to buy this watch now
    as Galaxy watch 3 costs alot also the ECG feature is not working out of the box
    Can you tell is Galaxy watch active 2 great to buy now
    And one more doubt
    Do you get scratches on ur watch active 2 that's the thing worrying me😕

    Please reply man…!

  3. LeTheyCallMe

    I love this watch. Purchased the Samsung active 2 on Monday, charged all the way to 100% and took off charger Tuesday at 9am. It hit 0% on Wednesday at 7:50 pm (So lasted around 34 hours). During the two days of battery, I slept with it on (Tracked my sleep), showered (Tested water lock mode), used GPS, sent text messages, had every notification on, used auto-brightness, downloaded apps, and watch faces, and always-on display on. Going to charge up tonight and turn off the always-on display and see how many hours it will last. I'm so glad i returned the Fossil Gen 4, the battery on it only lasted me up to 8 hours

  4. Alan Ricketts

    Alan Ricketts

    I had the Galaxy Watch and loved it until I tried using the Heart Rate sensor. When I would do some light jogging, It would tell me that my Heart Rate was between 190 and 213. Which I new could not be true. 220 is the Max HR . So when the Active 2 came out, I bought it. I love the new features that come with the watch, however I am still disappointed with the HR sensor. It still shows that my HR is between 170 – 196. I didn't think it was true, so I asked my Cardiologist and she had me put a HR sensor on me for 24 hours. The sensor showed that my max HR was 157 while jogging. I still love the Active 2, however I wish that Samsung would work on correcting the HR sensor.

  5. fuuz

    Yeah,this watch made me finally go full apple after a life time being an apple hating android fan boy.
    What an utter shit the Active 2 is!
    The laughable 1.2 gigs of storage out of box, the app store being one big joke as there are no useful nor working apps to be found there (even paid apps are full od bugs or not working at all), those advertised native apps for twitter,youtube etc never came, nor did ECG. And the Bixby, may lord have mercy on us, needs no introduction.
    Battery is good as long as keep all the smart stuff switched off , as soon as you want to use it to listen to your very limited 1.2 gigs music collection or you switch on the LTE or track your hike using gps,you’re drained in a few hours.
    a piece of overpriced crap I’ll tell you. Fotrunately I won’t need to use ot anymore


    I couldn't agree more on the points you made. I'd also add that I'd expect BT 5.1 to reach a lot farther than it does. But all in all, it's a really nice watch. C'mon already with the ECG and fall detection features Samsung! I doubt if we'll see them on this watch. I see another person commented on an OTA update that went out today. I'm not seeing it, hoping there's some truth in it and coming soon. Keep up the great content, have been really enjoying your videos.

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