Galaxy Watch Active 2: In-depth review

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Samsung’s latest fitness-focused smartwatch improves on the original Watch Active, which was released just six months ago. I dive into what the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is like to wear when working out, tracking sleep and getting notifications from your phone. But the most intriguing feature is the built-in ECG, which goes head-to-head with the same feature in the Apple Watch Series 5.

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27 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active 2: In-depth review”

  1. Illia Milevskiy

    Useless piece of plastic. GPS is so bad, it can't record your location properly. For example today It records my run… with an average pace 1.3 min per km… and it always like that… it's a known issue but Samsung doesn't really care about it for a years

  2. Murrell Mathis

    I like the Hyb-cereto watch face but I don't know what a couple of numbers mean. for instance on the left side of the watch there is a number and a percent symbol and kind of a little square to the upper left side of the number, what is this measuring?

  3. Joana

    Hello! Great job with this review! 👏 Do you know if there's any app (that can be installed in the watch) that allows to set a timer for interval/hiit training? I mean setting some time intervals and repetitions previously in order to be able to do the activity/rest periods of the workout just using on the watch. Thank you

  4. Sleepy Charlie

    Can you listen to youtube on the LTE version without having to download the video before hand? I listen to alot of informative videos on youtube and that would be handy without having to have my phone on me all the time. I also wish youtube would implement a audio only mode so you dont have to waste data and battery on video.

  5. Kory Kinnett

    Is anyone else concerned that the bpm is 225???

    "Tracking works a lot better, 8 sensors vs the previous 4 sensors in the older version…" bpm =225… Umm… I'm not sure that's accurate…

  6. Bobby As

    I have a brand new Galaxy Active 2 and it also locked up on me in only the first couple of days I owned it to where I had to reset it and start over. Since buying the Galaxy Active 2 only a week ago I have now also bought the Apple 6. I actually like the fitness applications, ease of use, and functionality of the Samsung Active 2 watch more than the considerably more expensive Apple, even though Samsung neglected to clearly state that if you have an IOS phone you can't use many of the features of the Galaxy watch. The main issue with the Galaxy watch is the software. Everything on it is constantly trying to alert you, and if you are wearing something with sleeves and it rubs against the watch it constantly thinks you are touching it. Samsung has turned on everything by default. If you bought a Galaxy watch for fitness you need to go through all the settings you can and turn all that crap off, especially one that says it lets you control the watch face while wearing gloves, that's nuts. Because of these software problems, while doing a fitness activity the Galaxy watch would constantly be pausing the fitness app, vibrating, and bringing one app after another. It's immensely frustrating to go through a physical activity and then find out the watch paused for no reason half way through without you knowing it. Once again software nerds take an excellent idea and cause frustration and disappointment in an otherwise great product. In its price range the Galaxy Active 2 with its attractive design, features, and fitness software should crush the Apple watch (remember I said I have both). The last thing I am trying to stop on the Galaxy Active 2 is its insistence on constantly bringing up the music app while I'm doing a fitness activity, I haven't found that one yet.

  7. Samuele Sprecace

    Do you know how to install applications while not having the galaxi store not being a samsung phone? I need help because it will arrive tomorrow and I don't know what to expect.

  8. Vic T

    Is it just me or this watch is so laggy? I'm coming from an Apple Watch Series 2. I never had hiccups or lag on my Apple watch

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