Galaxy Watch Active impressions: The Samsung smartwatch for normals?

Samsung’s latest smartwatch costs less than other models and lacks one iconic feature… but it still might be the best fitness wearable for normals.

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40 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active impressions: The Samsung smartwatch for normals?”

  1. Maximuz

    If you don't buy an S10 how will you charge it ? It doesn't have a USB port and if I have to buy another wireless charger then I won't buy it. (I'm talking about buying after it comes out. If you preorder you get the wireless charging pad for free but if you don't then you have to pay for it which is 60 fucking dollars. )

  2. Shahul Usman

    Wish list for a galaxy watch 2.. The rotating bezel.. Non leather strap for comfort (or metal).. Big vibrant display..long battery life.. Samsung pay and blood pressure monitors.. Use as a phone.. Google assistant (not Bixby)

  3. NikTheGeek

    I never used the rotating bezel. Coming from Androidwear, I found I naturally swiped and found the bezel would sometime slip through my fingers and not turn anyway. I'll not miss it.

  4. Dig Bick Playa

    I have a question I hope someone could answer. If I bought a Samsung watch and download YouTube. Because I have a youtube premium account where u can save videos like music to a play list, can these be stored on the watch so I can go running without the phone?

  5. Jacob Bondt

    Piece of junk like their old watch better with the rotating bezel . Would not waste my money on this junk from Samsung . Their Tizen apps are total carbage!

  6. Kalvin One

    the demo is really bad… looks like that you always have to click 2x to get it responding to your finger… ? I might thing that this gadget is a crap. I would prefer to have something on my wrist replacing entirely my mobile phone with 2 nano SIM. I want to practice Beachvolley, diving, skiing and traveling around the world without a huge thing in my pocket (smartphone) but on my wrist with foldable huge screen and unbrokable.

  7. DJ Phil

    The number of times the screen didn't register your selection is my biggest issue with the Watch and it seems worse on this cheaper version.

  8. JC Rowell

    Those bezels are friggin HUGE! Samsung can make an amazing phone with insanely small bezels but can't make a simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing watch without massive bezels!? WTF Samsung?

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