Galaxy Watch Active review: Everything you need for a lot less

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Active is a sportier take on its flagship smartwatch with all the same great features except that rotating bezel that we loved.

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28 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active review: Everything you need for a lot less”

  1. Arianna w

    Can anyone tell me if you can get amazon music as an app on the watch? I dont use spotify because amazon is better and cheaper and since we are stationed overseas i cant use Pandora. I figure you can get amazon but i wondering amazon music specifically

  2. LLC

    I've had my tag heuer for 15 years.. If they think I'm going to buy a new smartwatch every year or two. I'm Not Interested
    Thats even worse than the phone idiocracy they're pushing,
    brain washing propaganda to prop up the broken economy structure.

  3. Technimechanical

    Y'all idiots who buy smart watches are the type of people who just dont have any real hobbies to spend your money on and buy smart watches to make yourselves look like you're an on the go business person who is always gotta look busy and have the latest useless tech

  4. Christian levesque

    I see some ppl have the stress management,is that for certain countries? Im in canada and i dont have that option. I have the s10 plus with the active watch,just wonderong if i have to add something to my samsung health.

  5. kntwing

    She cute….do more work out video..sry I liked my Sam sung smart watch 46 mm"
    That watch is only good for women to wear..
    My watch have speakers Can speak over the watch like a phone ..
    This 1 no speakers

  6. John Freiman

    You forgot(?) to mention the battery life after you run around Crissy Field….
    Battery life with the Built-in Running Endurance settings are, abismal. Battery dies around or BEFORE the 2 hour mark – with all 'watch' settings set to lowest possible.
    In my opinion, Samsung defines active as something very different that what healthy individuals consider active.
    Good sport/activity watch for grandma or grandpa, but lot for anyone looking to utilize GPS data collection

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