Galaxy Watch Active Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a FANTASTIC fitness watch that hold its own against it’s bigger brother. Come find out more in my Galaxy Watch Active Review.

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30 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active Review”

  1. Kate

    tiny tip – you could set the HR monitoring every 10 minutes instead of permanently, that's if you don't actually need it. it saves the battery big time!

  2. Matheus Bueno

    This was one of the most solid reviews that I have seen in a long time in YouTube, you should have a lot more subscribers for your fantastic work. Keep it up!

  3. WHEAL

    Samsung pay is pretty much dead in the UK, it doesn't support any main banks. And you can't use Google pay on the watch ether, cba switching banks just to get this feature to work, which sucks because thats a main reason I bought the galaxy watch, thinking or returning

  4. MayitoTek

    I am really liking this watch for fitness tracking , tried using that galaxy watch at the gym the other day and it just felt like I was using wrist weights

  5. MayitoTek

    Why you put it on the bottom part of your arm? Dont be afraid to show that hairy arm! Only haters who dont have hair will try to make dumb comments ?

  6. Darrylx33

    Can it download offline tracks on spotify and have it play on a bluetooth earphone? It'd be handy if I can go running without having to bring my phone along.

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