Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Considering a new smart watch activity tracker? Most would think of the Fitbit Versa but what about the Samsung Galaxy Active? In this video I compare both.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active:
Fitbit Versa:

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37 Replies to “Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa”

  1. drsnowmon

    I've been an iPhone user since 2011 so naturally I've tried all Apple Watches and somewhere in between I've tried the Versa as well
    Then recently I've switched over the S10 Plus and so far I'm really liking my new phone and my new Galaxy Watch Active
    This was my experience and others had no issues but Versa had unstable BT connectivity issue, it would drop connections and sometimes it would not connect back on unless you completely wipe the software

  2. Kenzie Chaney

    I just bought a Fitbit versa on Friday… was horrible! I was so excited and really wanted it..I tried to set it up and get it ready and it was having a hard time pairing and finding my internet and we don't have cheap or bad wifi. During the set up the Fitbit completely died! Or went into a deep deep sleep and never came back to life. We tried to hard reset and fix it but nothing happened. So! My husband returned it and got me the Samsung active. The Samsung active blows the Fitbit versa out of the water! The quality, the way it looks, the feel and everything else is just wonderful. I was hoping it would have female health on the active watch but it still blows it out of the water!

  3. Leonardo Pineda

    Warning: Samsung Watches are only 100% compatible with Samsung phones. App as basic as Text Messenging is missing from my Pixel 2 with Samsung Watch Active paired with it. This is according to Samsung when I chatted with their technical support today. Had to return to Bestbuy the watch I just bought yesterday:-( Better get a Fitbit!

  4. Gabriele Vaskeviciute

    I've got samsung s9 plus with my fitbit. Can be annoying when it doesn't sync and yes, I prefer a round watch instead of a square one which is why I was so hesitant of getting a Fitbit a few months ago. I've also tried my sister's samsung activity, very light- can't feel it on your hand and yes, very nice looking, the screen is better.

    Huge minuses for fitbit – I can't use 2 of my bank cards as fitbit doesn't have them therefore, having a samsung pay allows you to get a card no matter which one it is.
    Even after all this, my own preference would be fitbit. The apps and the screens it has I like more, the app itself I also like more. The step tracking is better on the fitbit as I done around 20-30 steps and it didn't count on the samsung activity. Sleep tracking is pretty much similar in both devices however I preferred the fitbit tracking. Battery life is a lot better on fitbit but I liked how you can reply on samsung and you don't have to choose from the options they give you while fitbit does. Both fitbit and samsung are waterproof and easy to use. With samsung you can answer and decline a call, with fitbit you can't. The stripes for both watches are very similar.

    However my own opinion – fitbit is for the win when it comes to technology and the app itself however if you want nice looks and quite a few apps which you can use not only for sports but also for music etc, go for the samsung.

  5. Maggie Lau

    I think a big difference not mentioned is the native GPS on the Samsung vs. "connected GPS" on the Versa that actually uses your phone's GPS. The Versa will still require you to carry your phone if you want to have the GPS data whereas you can go for a run (for example) with just the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

  6. Swaggy Toast

    another thing with samsung is they tend to abandon support for their older devices my S3 had a software update that borked the sensors no heart rate no steps no sleep which literally defeats 90% of the purpose of a fitness smartwatch for me

  7. upirons

    I bought the Galaxy Watch Active but you should know if you are an ios user that, while Samsung supports ios, it is extremely limited in that support. For example, you will NOT, as of this date, be able to use samsung pay with ios. Does not appear there is any way to pay with your watch with ios. Also, the apps available to you in the ios version of the samsung galaxy store are completely limited to just a few free apps and watch faces, not the extensive store by any means. I feel duped but of course once I went back to read the fine print on the samsung site, I realized the lawyers covered all of this. I am thinking of returning my watch. Don't even get me started on that whole blood pressure monitor, plus it hasn't counted a single floor since I got it a week ago. very disappointed!

  8. Einar Johnsen

    Just got the the watch active! (released yesterday in Norway) Really loving it so far! The silver model looks amazing if you get a black strap for it imo. Everything about it just works, and it feels very intuitive. I definitely do not regret the purchase! (also got a free 10k mAh batterybank with wireless charging from smasung because of pre-ordering the watch!)

  9. Mały F1

    Hmm it was like a specs comparison. I was counting for something a bit more in-depth since you have those 2 devices.
    Plus the main difference is that fitbit versa has no GPS which is ridiculous for a $200 "sports smartwatch".

  10. TopGunZero

    If you're switching back and forth between an iphone and an android? Who is doing this? What percent of your audience do you think has multiple phones? That's just silly.

  11. This and That

    Wasted 16:32 minutes of my life.
    Open two tabs, go to the fitbit store and open the specs of the versa, go to the samsung store and open the spect of the watch active, read each one, presto, you have a review 😛
    No actual fitness comaprison, messaging functionality comparison, performance comparison, GPS accuracy comparison, HR accuracy, rep accuracy, featurse lost when connceting to ios, app polish between both, data collected, data breakdown… you know, the kind of stuff I wouldn't know from knowing that that is a fitbit and that is a samsung. sheesh.
    Thumbs down.

  12. stella smurf

    Ugh I have the FB but I want the Galaxy Active, I was hoping you were going to say it was amazing and much better. If they are basically the same I can't justify buying it just because I want it. 🙁

  13. rickifilth

    I've had nothing but trouble since I got my versa with synching it to my pixel 2. Have you experienced any problems with your versa? Been thinking about getting a Samsung active but am afraid of synch issues

  14. Jamaicangurl81

    I've been a fitbit user since 13' Had versa at launch.. Hated the square face but loved the watch. I just got the Samsung galaxy watch active and I love how it looks and that I can now do more with my watch. The tracking stuff seems to be pretty comparable but ugh I hate s health's interface and definitely miss the fitbit UI… Battery life is much better on the fitbit. But i love love how the active Looks… Feels good on the wrist, it looks great, the screen is beautiful and it's nice not to need to pick up your phone all the time.. I'm happy with it so far and I can deal with the short comings..

  15. Michael Adhi Nugroho

    Thanks for the video, I'm in the market for either of the two since my old Gear S2 has a damaged screen and battery decay. The Galaxy Watch Active size is perfect for me, but coming off years old wearable with hardly half a day of battery left makes me want that Fitbit, since I will be using it for quite a long while. I will wait to get a hands on of the Galaxy Watch Active before making my purchase.

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