Galaxy Watch Vs Huawei Watch 2. Hardware, WATER, CHARGING time, Software.

In this video i will compare the new Samsung Galaxy Watch against the Huawei watch 2.
The Huawei watch 2 was released on April 2017 and the samsung galaxy watch was released on august 2018. there is about one year and a half between them.

The galaxy watch is wears way bigger than the Huawei . the case is 46 millimeters vs 45 millimeters, you can see that the case size is similar but the galaxy watch looks and wears much larger. the height is about the same but the wah way feels much thicker than the galaxy.
the strap is 22 millimeters on the galaxy watch, and 20 on the wah way, i like both straps because they taper, they are not straight, so it looks nice. the material on the galaxy is looks much nicer, the band on the wah way looks almost cheap.

talking about cheap looks, i think the biggest flaw on the Huawei is the cheap looking case and band. listen this. the only reason i bought the galaxy watch was because the materials that samsung use, nicer looking strap and the case is mostly stainless steel with brushed and polished accents. it is really weird because Huawei has the nicest and fanciest bezel, it is made out of ceramic… ceramic is only used on high end watches like rolex or omega, it looks awesome.
the way the bezel reflects the light is awesome, the galaxy watch doesn’t even come close to that… i appreciate the shiny numbers on the bezel though.
let me go straight to the point, this script is taking forever to write… the software on the watches is very very different, android wear is light years ahead of the Taizen , O S on the galaxy… android is much more refined, Taizen looks like it was designed during the last century, apps are nicer on the Huawei. believe me, there is almost no comparison. Taizen has bugs here and there, sometimes it lags.

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  1. Mal HQ

    At this current point i would go for huawei watch because of the compatibility and smart assistant.

    Huawei has better compatibility because Samsung's messaging app on the watch is only compatible with Samsung's mobile messaging app and i think it's the same case with calling which means that it's practically useless if you don't own a Samsung device.

    It also uses Bixby which is not that good because it can't even do maths nor does it have clue of pop culture references but Google assistant has it in itself and works better in every perspective.

    Wished Samsung gave also the option to use Google assistant and the play store with their watch like they do with their phone

  2. Loris.M

    Nice vid. What about the lag during daily using? I had for 2 weeks a ticwatch pro, i was frustrating about the very high lag during the day. Galaxy watch is so far better for this reason, very smooth. What about this Huawei? I'm afraid about this point. How is with new 2.1?

  3. Jobin Johnson

    In my opinion Samsung Galaxy watch is better because it is good looks and samsung is a good company so the product is as good as the company the galaxy watch has better battery than any smart watch so the galaxy watch is the best

  4. Wilson Lee

    I have the Huawei Watch 2 because of great price, supports 4G LTE SIM card & Wear OS, but I agree the band looks cheap & the way it attaches isn't as good as Samsung Galaxy Watch looks more premium.

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