Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Official Film | Samsung

Introducing the #GalaxyZFlip 5G.
Palm-sized foldable phone with hyperfast speeds.
Available in an all-new Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray.
Change the shape of the future.

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35 Replies to “Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Official Film | Samsung”

  1. maremagnus

    Why and just why Samsung; just show generic images of the product and no any info at the same time, just faces that I'm not interested to see and pretty sides of the phone, no details of the product…. 😒 guess my next phone is not gonna be a Samsung, the music is anything but appealing
    So, no; sorry not appealing comercial and thanks YouTube don't bother me with these "recommendations" anymore at all

  2. Lucy W :D

    Samsung is literally so creative with their phones Apple do literally the same thing all the time I think but I just think apple works better idk-

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