Galaxy Z Flip Doesn't Suck… YOU DO!

Snazzy Labs reviews the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after 3 weeks of use. Spoiler: it’s actually great
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launched to much fanfare in February 2020. Dubbed as the third “mass-market” foldable smartphone, this folding phone flipped (quite literally) the display into a clamshell design reminiscent of retro flip phones as well as the newly updated Motorola RAZR foldable. Unlike the Moto, however, Samsung packed some seriously good specs into this handset. You get a 1080p equivalent ultra-wide 21.9:9 1080p-equivalent display, a Snapdragon 855+, 8GB, 256GB+ storage, and all a camera assembly similar to that found in the Galaxy S10. Sure, there have been early reports of durability issues from fellow YouTubers like JerryRigEverything, but we believe they’re largely blown out of proportion and whilst Samsung should be chastised for misleading advertising, the glass display is *actually* glass and is *actually* really great. The question, however, remains: “Is this phone worth $1,400?” and “Can the Galaxy Z Flip with 2019 specs really hold a candle to Samsung’s 2020 flagship Galaxy S20 line?” In a way, yes. In other ways, no. One thing is to be sure: this thing is made of glass, it folds, and it’s actually really great. #SnazzyLabs #Samsung #GalaxyZFlip

48 Replies to “Galaxy Z Flip Doesn't Suck… YOU DO!”

  1. Wyatt Loftin

    Remember when older flip phone where hot shit, then the smart phone came out and you were laughing at anyone with a flip phone making Star Trek jokes. Now these things come out and you feel the need to literally put your foot in your mouth for how wrong you were to think we could never go back to that. Makes my thin candy bar phone look a little boring.

  2. Aquil Hall

    I think the fact that it doesn't have a larger screen on the outside is perfect for when you don't want to be distracted by your phone too much. The clamshell form factor is perfect for focusing (like at work) and not being terribly distracted when your phone lights up when you get a notification.

  3. Jo Devonshire

    Great review, and I do have a flip and love it. Fits in my pocket, fast enough, beautiful screen, does everything I need. I do miss the fact that it's not waterproof though. Additional bonus for me is that I've found I waste far less time just pulling my phone out of my pocket or purse to just check… nothing. Suits me. 😊

  4. alexander0268

    Made me feel better after watching. Bought a ZFlip 5G and with the attached screen protector, I'm inclined to remove it due to scratches. Screen protector does not self heal. Its the other way around, the more I wipe with a cleaning cloth, the more scratches are added. I'd love to test the "self healing" properties of the actual screen.

  5. C.E S

    I'm using a galaxy s20 nowadays, but I still have my motorola flipout with android 2.3, and I think it still is freaking awesome! I use it as a mobile terminal to administrate my debian servers for freepbx and hosting projects.

  6. Janine Cavanaugh

    After watching multiple reviews of this phone, am I the only human that doesn't get push notifications from apps or banner sized texts?? I just don't see the small front screen being an issue if all I have my phone tell me is that I have a text message. I feel like it encourages you to not be so glued to your phone and let it steal your attention as much. Idk, maybe it's just me 🙂

  7. zylan tate

    On the plastic screen plastic it’s not a big deal I always have the plastic cover from my otter box it might not feel as nice as glass but it has the same phone experience and that’s what is in important

  8. Dan Satalino

    Watching your channel for the first time on my Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g. I've only had the phone for 2 days, everything's fine but I'm not sure ithis is the right form factor for me either. I enjoy the video

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