Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Purple Unboxing & First Impressions!

We check out Samsungs new Galaxy Z Flip Unlocked in the Mirror Purple color! This retails for a whopping $1,380. Is it cool enough to make up for the price tag? The Galaxy Z Flip is quite different to the Galaxy Fold that came out last year. The Z Flip unfolds like the Motorola Razr and has an alleged “glass” screen!?

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39 Replies to “Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Purple Unboxing & First Impressions!”

  1. YamiAlex224

    I kinda wanted this phone. But even now it's still expensive. I got 600 off a note 20 and felt that would work better for me. I still kinda want this phone. It reminds me of a gameboy advance sp

  2. Ian Rowland

    I would never buy another Samsung Z Flip, where the screen fold the plastic cover on the screen has lifted and now has dust between it and the glass screen. It's 5 months old, I have sent it back to be repaired just for Samsung to tell me the damage was done by me now I have to pay for a new screen. I'm willing to pay for the new screen even tho I didn't damage the z flip screen, it's been two months now without the phone and everytime I call them they have different excuses why I don't have my z flip back. I couldn't wait any longer and I could of bought the new z flip 5g but not after all the lies and stuff around from Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung phone again, instead I bought the new Motorola Razr 5g and Wow it's a much better phone. The Motorola Razr even looks like a flip phone, not like the Samsung Z Flip looks like a lady's small makeup case.. Be Ware of the Screen on your Z Flip, shame on you Samsung 👎👎

  3. L.R. R.

    OMG, still miss my Sidekick! I loved that phone and bought so many shells for it I still have some in their boxes. I love our phone tech now, but then phones did have a great sense of humor.

  4. james Armijo

    My Note10+ is black. I'm thinking about the Flip. In purple.
    5:02 It has been my experience with "long" phones, I use a horizontal pouch. If I get one, I'll keep it in my pocket. But if it's a problem in my pocket, I'll simply get a belt pouch from my local swap meet or, see what EBay has. Problem soved.

  5. Marjan

    I'm saving for the purple one since it's my favorite color. I love it that it folds in a small phone that actually fits in my jeans pocket

  6. I saw someone at my school with this (before COVID) and I asked her what it was, now this is my dream phone! I hope Samsung considers more ideas for this phone in the future 🙂

  7. Aiden Snew

    I love the color, don't really care if it has s10 cam and specs. i would buy the Z flip 2 if it has a little bit bigger outside screen like the razor.

  8. Good Wylcyn

    This is my 2020 dream phone. But i hope if ever you'll make another video after 6months of using this one.. i wanna know if it's still worth it to buy .


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