Galaxy Z Fold 2: First impressions of Samsung's new foldable phone

The Z Fold 2 has bigger displays, a different hinge and a more durable design.

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46 Replies to “Galaxy Z Fold 2: First impressions of Samsung's new foldable phone”

  1. Iva B

    Anybody that’s got that much money to buy a phone like that shame on you. Why aren’t you helping the homeless and feeding some children that’s Hungry? you’ve got too much money

  2. b

    I've been looking everywhere and am unable to find the info on the charging time of the 25w charger. How long does it take to charge from say 10-15% to full?

  3. Manny Rizzo

    Kinda true the glass layer is not what you are going to be touching there is a film of plastic on top which cannot be removed so every time you touch the surface you are touching plastic not glass

  4. Bradley

    *Reviewers proceed to bend the screens beyond the hinge because "Duhhh YoU'rE GonNa fOlD phOne" (go watch the obnoxious flipping in various Z flip reviews if you don't get it)

  5. Russ Andolina jr

    Still too much for the cost.
    I love how people who can barely if even pay for rent and mortgages will buy this, and buy one after another after breaking it.
    500 is about what I’d personally deal with.. but people generally aren’t that logical.

  6. Rodney~Łamar

    I feelnlike samsung did the 1st fold like that on purpose to see how the phone would do and how it would hold up then afterwards put a bigger screen on it

  7. Tango

    nah… unfolding and fain not much extra screen size… I'm happy with screen size of my Note 20 Ultra., until they hit 8-9 inch unfolded, we're talking.

  8. Wei Jye

    I’m still waiting Samsung to build a big sized tablet like the S7, and can be folded into half for me to keep inside my saddle bag

  9. TheHolesmasher

    Wow…A giant phone that folds in half AMAZING!! A physical keypad and possibly a 10 inch antenna would really compliment these new advancements in our cellular technology.

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