Galaxy Z Fold 2 Gets Lew Going

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  1. Francisco Chavez

    I still consider Apple's iPhone 6 plus first foldable smartphone in the world, shame on you Samsung for copying Apple's Idea, but hey so let you know I'm loving my new Samsung note 20 plus it's so gorgeous!!

  2. Andrew Dean

    I'd love to see the gen 3 with under screen front camera, bigger display, premium rear camera, highest nano chipset, improved speakers and an S pen! That's when I think the move from the Note series would be made, of course different trim levels may have to be implemented, but imagine all the possibilities! Literally may be able to be considered a laptop-esque foldable, soon enough.

  3. David Martrano

    Hey Lew, vastly improved specs. I want one? I like the 6.2 front display when closed. The 865+processer, yes I luv that. This tablet phone is a winner. Very pricey but I don't care, two grand is about right? I luv Science Fiction!

  4. Muyanzi Reid

    The Fold 2 is definitely better than the Fold 1 but at this point I would rather buy the Microsoft Surface Duo for 6 reasons:
    1.) MORE Screen for Less Money.
    2.) More Durable overall than the Folds.
    3.) Thinner Body than the Folds. and most High End phones these days.
    4.) It folds in more positions than the Folds.
    5.) Price. the price is $600 less than the original Fold and probably Double That with the Fold 2.
    6.) Since you can fold the Duo all the way around it's a more consistent camera experience whereas the Folds the front facing camera is a different resolution entirely from the main camera.
    7.) More unique looking. The Duo looks more like a Booklet it's a brand new form factor whereas the Folds still has that Boring Tablet look.

    I like both but the Surface Duo is a better buy, specs don't really matter anymore. Its 2020, both phones will run like a champ, it's just a matter of what looks better.

  5. Jarrell Cansler

    Being really big tech guy. I cant wait to be able to just get my hands on this new tech. It's hurting my head. Just a short amount of time. Samsung has improved some much. Its crazy.

  6. Martins Mazonis

    Cause this guy is so SJW, def the Korean guys are more on par with the target population. So Lui get you presence together , world would watch you not only fat Americans if you woul also introduce some style. And no, cap and t shirt is not a style.

  7. Derrick M

    Im not broke, infact I can afford it. But F that. This ish will be too high. Prices are just ridiculous. Plus you don't even get a S pen. Pulease. I'll wait for a 4th or 5th gen fold phone. May be more worth the price then… Plus I just got the S20 and tab S6 couple months back 🤷🏾‍♂️…. 🤔 Not to mention the ps5 around the corner and Im looking to upgrade my tv to go with that system. F this fold lol.

  8. Cheesy Panda

    I really want this phone and plan to get it, but theres only one thing i don't like, and it's the name. They called the first the Fold, then they came out with the Z-Flip, and now they have this Z Fold 2? Like how does that make sense? The Fold and the Z-Flip had different designs with the z-flip looking like the Motorola razr, therefore the different names. Now they decide to combine the names by adding the Z to the Fold 2? And if anything, its now their 3rd folding device so technically it should be the Z-Fold 3 if they were planning on merging the names. It just makes no sense, what will the next Z-Flip be called? Z-Flip 2? The Flippy Fold Z3? Lol 😆
    Because they should definitely make more of those too. I can see them taking off really well, I just didn't want one til it got stronger specs like the rest of the Galaxy devices, but it is more affordable than the Fold series and can take the market in the near future when it becomes less costly to manufacture and costs less for consumers to buy. There's already an episode in Black Mirror where they have a phone like this in the future, and I can see that happening very easily

  9. Squidward's Testicles

    The only thing I don’t like about the new design is the interior camera placement. Centred hole punch cutouts work the best on regular phones because there isn’t usually much information in that portion of the screen, but since this has a 4:3 aspect ratio, the corners of the screen will frequently be unused since almost every video or movie you watch is 16:9 or wider, but where it is will always be in the way.

  10. Expressionistix

    The only innovation here is the material used for the folding screen otherwise it's typical generational smartphone stuff. The hinge is designed for cost to performance and a case of bringing mechanical engineering to a field that doesn't typically require it.

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