Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Hands On | First Look

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we take a quick look at the new Galaxy ZFold 2. More to Come, but let’s take a fast peek.

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43 Replies to “Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Hands On | First Look”

  1. Cane K

    Hey Jimmy, since someone from Asia posted a review today, don't you think it's time for another, more detailed video? It was a 4min detailed review so you should be safe.

  2. hazemfive

    Fold 2 socks, for the price I'm paying, it should be:

    – 100w fast charging (already manufacturers has this) with charger inside the box

    – 7 cameras (5 rear + 2 selfie)

    – 5500mah battery

    – Sapphire glass

    -Ttitanium/ceramic body

    – No any plastic components

    – Stereo dolby system 4 sides surround speakers

    – Wireless stereo headphones branded by Bose, B&O…etc (in the box)

    – Suede/velvet luxury case done by a well-known brand such as LV…etc

    And the phone must be made in South Korea factories ONLY.

  3. S.D. Ceylan

    I need this :, such an amazing phone. Hopefully it will also brought to the Netherlands..
    When you put the phone in a protective case, it literally becomes a brick. But still I will buy this phone 😀

  4. Dach1Ko

    Does someone know how can i unistall game launchers latest update? I heard on my A70 i could get better gaming performance. If anyone know could yall please help me

  5. Tomahawk22

    Hey Jimmy, I'm using a galaxy note 10 plus and my service provider is through AT&T, I was wondering if you know anything about why the One UI 2.1 update hasn't hit my phone yet, or if there is a way I can fix this. I check for software updates often, but it always tells me my software is up to date eventhough I'm still on 2.0

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Juan Carlos Mejia M

    Como decia steve jobs, las ideas buenas las arruinan otras empresas, solo apple sabe como hacer de una buena idea algo que cambia el mundo, ridiculo su producto de samsung, producir casi el mismo tamaño de pantalla que uno no plegable, botan a la basura su idea

  7. Tolga Çağlar

    Jimmy is Promo🔔 I like your video. I supported you. Good luck. I wait for my channel too, let's be active. >>> A Historical Word : An ungrateful person is one who knows the price of everything but does not know the value of anything. Oscar wilde. *💎

  8. Aroosh Arun

    Hey @Jimmy is Promo could you please make a vid on One UI 2.5. Just wanted to know if the android 10 gestures work on 3rd party launchers such as "Lawnchair". Thanks!

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