Galaxy Z Fold2: BTS First Impressions | Samsung

A moment worth revisiting: first impressions of the #GalaxyZFold2 by the very fine gentlemen of BTS.

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48 Replies to “Galaxy Z Fold2: BTS First Impressions | Samsung”

  1. BTS Army

    The army should campaign for BTS songs:

    1- One billion songs campaign (Fake Love – Mic Drop – Idol)
    2- The 50 million likes campaign for the song Dynamite – Boy With Luv – DNA
    3- Subscription campaign (Big Hit – BANGTANTV) No less than 60 million subscribers can

  2. ESL Trichy

    They all look like they just now finished their shooting for samsung ads but rm and jimin from la perfume,jin and jk from the strange tailor shop and v,jhope and Suga from a piece of cake this video is four months before but ads are just one or two months before

  3. alyxskyler

    Oh man these sponsorships with Samsung-the contract must be super tight and strict because I have never seen them push a product or brand so hard even in vlives they are trying to subtly always have it in their hands and stuff or randomly show them shifting it around or opening it-and I been a fan since right after debut-not only that but at least a couple of the members have been seen by quick eyed fans still using Apple products like the iPhone and/or using both or using the Samsung phone just when the cameras are on. It kinda bums me out that the Samsung contract seems so strict with them but, hey, at least the boys are getting money I guess-it just feels weird as a long time fan.

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