Game Dev Tycoon – Tips, Tricks and AAA Games!

We take another look at Game Dev Tycoon and focus on Tips, Tricks and AAA games! =)

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Addtl. Music ► Courtesy of Epidemic Sound and used with permission.

My thoughts on GDT…

It’s a pretty darn good game… just go buy it.

27 Replies to “Game Dev Tycoon – Tips, Tricks and AAA Games!”

  1. Internet Hydra

    The randomized roster of topics in new games has always been an issue, and the last update made it insufferable by adding a billion stupid topics just to represent hits in the years since release.

  2. Templayer

    "The fans ain't gonna buy the same thing over and over again."
    Me: *Looks at EA*
    Fantasy Football name: Shitty Copy Paste With Features Removed.

  3. Tangilizer

    I found your channel years ago when I first got into this game!! And then I watched your Pirates! stuff too and discovered that game. Hope everything is going well man

  4. Tom Martin

    to start with business: Crime-Action/RPG Night Shift. As far as games I'm looking forward to seeing more of; Cyberpunk 2077 and VtMB 2, and the new Star Wars game looks pretty neat. You could also say I'm less than patient waiting for info on Baldur's Gate 3 and Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. Good to see a video of yours again.

  5. Graeme Hargreaves

    Fun looking game, Mal. Also looking forward to 2077. Have bought OuterWorlds but passed it to wife to give to someone as chrissy pressy lol. Pantheon is an in dev mmorpg akin to my fav game ever, EQ, so looking forward to that. Hope all is well in your world. As a cop i would have called the crime one Desk Jockey (british term for someone tied to their desk all day doing paperwork lol)

  6. Bwixius

    Sound being great in action games actually makes a LOT of sense! If a gun sounds bad, you won't use it, or vice versa. Halo 4's Assault Rifle was absolutely bad-ass and was worth using despite not really being the best automatic. Audio stimuli is also much faster to react to than visual.

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