Genshin Impact – Android Vs iOS (Max Graphics/60FPS) I Comparison

Genshin Impact Gameplay Max Graphics with 60 fps mobile comparison (Android vs iOS) l VinIsHere

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This is updated video!! just a small comparison between both os
I have perfectly matched the time so it would be more comparable
On this video I used Red magic 3s (855+ Snapdragon with 8gb ram) Vs iphone 11 (Hexa-core apple a13 bionic processor with 4 gb ram)

(Both have recommended specs to play in max graphics & 60FPS)

*Note Settings are same for both Android & iOS except the visual effect which is highest on iOS & just high on Android apart from everything is same (I have shown the settings in the video)

*I have muted Android gameplay so that sounds don’t get mixed up

Timelines you might find useful

Graphics Settings- 1:15
Animation- 0:15
Showcasing Character- 1:14
Exploration- 1:55
Gliding- 2:46
Battles- 3:30
Climbing- 4:31
Swimming- 4:51

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23 Replies to “Genshin Impact – Android Vs iOS (Max Graphics/60FPS) I Comparison”

  1. Desterii DelQuonomonna

    i would just get the PC version myself personally, i guess its good for people who go places and want to be able to whip out their game while riding the bus or waiting at the doctor's office or something?

  2. Rifty Rizvi

    i play on pc with the highest settings and i see the android one coming close to the similar color tone. the iphone is in a more saturated side not that i am saying i dislike it! Another thing Is it me or the iphones grass lookes a bit more grainy comparably to the android.could be the darkish saturation! since low res graphics tend to look more jagged in a dark tone

  3. DanielKz6

    more contrast and more rendering distance in iOS. Meanwhile, the resolution of the game varies depending on the app you use to record the screen.

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